Coffee In the Mornings


There is nothing I like better than a quiet morning and a cup of coffee.  It gives me some time to relax and get ready for the day.  Kind of setting the day off on the the right foot.  During the summer it’s even nicer, before work I’ll sit out on the front step and drink my coffee there.  Usually it is dead silent still (I get up for work pretty early) and I can enjoy nature.  Winter puts a damper on that, but on the weekends, I’ll usually get up a bit early and relax on the couch and read the news.

Coffee has always equaled peace to me.  A time to wind down and clear my head.  I think I’ve been drinking coffee since I was 14 years old, and it still tastes the best with a journal and pen laid out in front of me.  I’ve found it hard to write on occasion if I don’t have a hot cup of coffee, it’s become that much of a routine in my life (Well gee, after 12 years I guess that was to be expected).

Sitting down with a cup of coffee has kept my brain in line more times that I’d like to admit.  When I’m upset or stressed out, sometimes the solution is a few quiet moments and some rich coffee.  It gives me that opportunity to breathe and think about what’s going on and become more rational.  One of the perks, that shows up eventually, is that it gives me a chance to reflect (not only on the stupid stuff but..) on the good things in my life.  It gives me a chance to realize that a particular problem is not world-ending, but in fact I am lucky and that I need to be more grateful.

I’ve been journaling since I learned how to write.  There was something alluring about writing down your world in a book, and as I grew older, I began to like the stereotypical coffee, coffee house and journal time.  Now that I have a child, I have my own desk and “quiet spot” to write in.  Journaling (or blogging, or writing stupid shit on a napkin at 4 am because that’s the only thing you have to write on) I believe has made me a better person, it’s something I think that if people tried a few times, they would eventually pick up.  I bought Noodle her first journal not too long ago.  She now makes a big production out of sitting in bed with me in the evenings so we can write together.  Her journaling is a lot more simple, but it gives her something to do and a way to explain things (with horrible kid spelling) ie: Today we went to the forest preserve, that made me happy.  It’s also something that her and I BOTH do, not totally “together” but at the same time with each other.  She knows that when she gets older, and I’m ancient, or when she asks as an adult, she’ll get all of my journals (I have more than 40 at this point)… and that will be a great way for her and whatever grandchildren I’ve accumulated at that point to learn about me.  Hopefully it’s a trait she develops as well as she gets older.

So for now, I’m off to make some more coffee. Let the weekend begin.



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