Guns, Shootings and Suburbia.. OH MY!


Let me pre-face this with a little bit of healthy ranting.  I hate suburban “gangbangers”, these kids need to realize that they are in the suburbs, not in the city.  If they think they are so BAD, I’ll give them a free ride down to the south side of Chicago and see how long they last.  Shut up, pull up your pants, give me your gun.  Gangs are stupid, shootings are stupid, you live in the suburbs!

It drives me insane.  Apparently there was a shooting in my neighborhood at one of the quick stop marts last night.  Of course all I can think of is “Damn, seriously? Someone needs to slap the shit out of those kids.” (FYI: I use the word kids not knowing how old the suspect was, and frankly I don’t care.  If you run around with a gun shooting people over stupid shit, you’re a kid.)  It just blows my mind.

I live in a “poor” town, especially in comparison with the next town over which is a tourist trap from hell.  Most of the residents here are good people, we haven’t really had a problem on our street except for some kids tagging a mailbox a few years ago (in which I offered them a ride to the south side too).  But of course, where there are “poor” people, there are stupid-fucking-kids who need an ass-whooping.  I do have to give it to the police here, they work the hardest they can to keep up with everyone, and I do see them patrolling quite often when there are issues.

It just blows my mind, it does.  What’s even worse is that there are parents in this neighborhood that encourage the gang-banger mentality.  Hey Mom and Dad, instead of letting your kids get drunk and high, how about making sure they get their butts to school?  Maybe punish them once in a while?  Stop letting your ghetto ass kids wander around the neighborhood at all hours, shouldn’t they be doing homework?  Sleeping?  Reading?  Chores?  Shit.  But nooooo, when your stupid ass kid gets busted stealing booze from Jewel Osco, you laugh and toss them outside.  How about not.

The sad fact of the matter?  I was looking for a news article online, trying to find out exactly what happened, and you wouldn’t believe the amount of shootings I found in the last 10 years!  Not in just my town either, all the way across the northern part of the county. (Granted they were sparse the farther I went back in time.)  Seriously?  What the fuck.  This is the type of shit that people move out of the city to get away from?  Of course it follows us out.

There is just no excuse.  You could come here and yelling for or against gun control and it wouldn’t get you anywhere.  These kids?  Didn’t register their guns (duh!), neither did their parents.  And no, people here aren’t going to arm themselves in enough numbers “to bring down crime” because one: they’re too poor, and two: it’s their shit-head kids who are stealing guns and shooting people.  Gun-control is null-and-void here.

What needs to happen is good-ole-discipline.  Parents need to rein in their little shit head kids, make them learn, punish them, trust me, a smack upside the head goes a long way.  Schools need to follow suit, if you feel the kid has a gun, have all those wonderful school cops frisk the fuck out of them and call the police.  Encourage learning and good grades, offer incentives, instead of “because you have to”.  More importantly,  residents of my town (hell, EVERY TOWN) need to stand up and so “This is IT, no more!!” and take care of each other.  On my street, we look out for each other… from the gang-bangers who walk around to that one creepy guy who was harassing my neighbors wife.  If you see something, be alert, call the police.  If you don’t stand up and stop it, no one will!  It’s not the bad-seeds that make a neighborhood, it’s the parents neglecting their children, it’s the residents hiding and pretending it’s not happening.

Some kids need an ass-whooping, some parents need a backbone, and everyone needs to stand together.  End of story.


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