Social Networking Can Kiss My Ass


Seriously. What the hell. All I know is that facebook has been really getting on my nerves. All the changes, glitches and annoyance. The fact that I select “recent” and still end up with updates from five days ago infuriates me. Why yes Facebook. I know that my friends kid has finally pooped in the potty, Ive only seen the post 160 fucking times in the last four days.

Honestly though, Im kind of burnt out on status updates. Im usually browsing facebook for political banter or to tallk to my close knit group of friends from across the country. Im just fed up with it. But where do I go? I love pintrest but use it purely for DIY ideas and knitting patterns. Twitter? Losing it’s luster too. I hopped on Google+ again and got a migraine … I dont know if I’ll ever get the hang of it.

I have my blog, Im content with that and I’ve thought of deleting everything else but I do use it to post pictures and keep in touch. What the fuck is a twenty something to do in the age of social media when you hate social networking.



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