6 Years Old and Somewhere in my Twenties


I remember being little.  Every birthday mattered, it was such a big thing.  Every year older, I felt more grown-up, and the presents were a huge bonus!  Now?  I’m in my late twenties.  I forgot how old I was the other day and then forgot how old my sister was in relation to my age.  *Shrugs*  Birthdays aren’t as fun anymore.  Sure, I still get gifts, and now I get the most precious gifts ever, handmade presents from my short one.  Still though, now every year that passes, is another year that I’m OLDer.  Meh.

Today was my daughter’s birthday.  She is a whole 6 years old.  Actually… as I’m writing this… 3 minutes and 6 years ago, she was born.  Yup.  That was fun.  I was only in the hospital for about an hour and the majority of the hour was spent like this:

“You’re 7cm dilated.”

“You’re full of shit.”

“No, really ma’am.  You’re in labor, and you’ll have your daughter soon.”

“Hahahaha, you’re lying.”

“Ma’am, I’m serious, you should get an epidural.”

“For what?! I’m not in labor.”

Yeah.  To say I had a really EASY labor is putting it really mildly.  I went into labor at my babyshower (too many relatives in one place.. haha) and drove 45 minutes PAST the hospital to my house to shower, and then back down.

So 6 years ago, I had my Noodle.  My little kid with the SCRAWNY arms and legs that earned herself the nickname.  I remember looking at her and having two immediate thoughts.  One: “Damn, I make cute kids… glad she takes after me.” and “Holy fuck, I just had a kid, I guess I WAS in labor.”

A lot has happened in the past six years. A lot of ups and downs for the both of us. Watching her play out in the yard today while I filled out paperwork for 1st grade and summer camp made me realize how lucky I really am.

I have a very smart, caring little girl who has thrived dispite her bio-dad walking out on her. I have a little girl who loves life, and enjoys the outdoors more than even I do. This little girl loves selflessly still even though she already knows that some people purely suck. I am so proud of the little girl of mine, and am enjoying every moment while looking forward for each one to come.

Happy Birthday my Little Noodle. Ry and I love you. Sleep tight little one.


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