$4 and a smile


Sometimes just the simple things and some time is what creates memories in your child’s mind. 

I remember being little and my Dad taking me and my little sister to see a small natural spring.  It was nothing spectacular, just a tiny spring on the edge of a field.  I remember that day clearly because as simple as it was, it was spending time with my Dad that I liked. 
Memories like that stick out a lot more clearly than any vacation we took or any birthday party my parents threw.  I remember flying our homemade rockets in the back of the neighborhood more than I remember big things. Those are the memories that mean the most to me. 

For mother’s day, Noodle’s school had her make “flowers”. It was a popsicle stick with “Mom” written on a paper circle for the middle of the flower and strips of paper for the petals.  On each petal they had the kids write things their mom had done for them or with  them. 

The petals on my flowers made me smile.  There was “paints my nails”, “bought me a kitten”, to “reads me stories”. Minus the kitten they were all little things.  Nothing major minus the cat.  All things that just took time.  So I decided to do more of those simple little things with her. 

Today while running errands we stopped and got ice cream cones even though it’s kind of chilly. I had a few extra bucks so why not? So we sat there eating our ice cream and talked for a little while.  When we were finished and

walking towards the car, a little hand squeezed mine. 

“Can we do this again soon mama? Just you and me time?  Oh and ice cream?!”

Sure thing kid.

I think we have a new tradition. 

Hopefully we’ll be making those simple memories she can look back on.


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