Ouch and Lucky Kid


Holy crap. My body just can’t take a break lately, it just keeps beating itself up. 2 plus weeks ago I had strep which was after a Crohns flare. This week? What I thought was a back ache was actually a kidney infection.

What the hell body?! Get your act together, we have lots of plans!

It definitely frustrated me, but the one thing I got out of it was extra snuggles with my short one. Kid snuggles definitely make me feel better.

Today I was definitely jealous of the short one.  The summer camp she is attending this year does two field trips a week. Today they went to the local plant nursery and then for a picnic in the park.  So while I was sitting in my office with the window wide open, trying to get some of the beautiful weather to come in I realized I’d much rather be picking out plants than there. Sigh. Being an adult blows sometimes.

I’m definitely glad I found a school/camp that she loves so much, and the amount of hands on learning is more than I ever remember as a kid. She has so much fun with it too. She was so excited for her field trips this week she set out her clothes the night before and proudly displayed her camp shirt.

Glad my little Buddha is happy.


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