Procrastination – Oh look! Coffee!


It’s Saturday morning and I’ve been awake for about an hour and a half.  Mornings are my favorite time, but often my most lazy.  I love just lounging around and drinking coffee.  Sunday mornings (and occasionally Saturday, around lunch) I cook a big breakfast, but Saturday mornings are all mine.

This morning is kind of chilly, it most definitely feels like a September morning instead of the end of July.  The high temperatures are only going to be in the 60’s this weekend, and there is a nice breeze to go with it as well.  So while it’s a bit cloudy, today is one of those days where I plan on opening up all the windows (the one’s that aren’t already open that is) and cleaning.  Maybe after all of that, I’ll curl up with a book… which dictates a run to the bookstore!

In the current moment though, I’m curled up in my Pjs, with a cup of coffee on the table and a kitten currently trying to destroy the entire house.  The kid is reading, the boyfriend is laying plans for the shed he’s going to build this weekend, and it’s peaceful… minus the random crashes I hear in the kitten’s wake.

The one thing I’ve learned in the hoopla that has been the past few years, is that a little procrastination saves your sanity.  If it’s always -Go Go Go Go-, if you don’t take a little time for yourself each day, you’ll lose it.  So while there is a pile of laundry waiting to be done, a bathroom that needs to be cleaned and a house full of toys, I am taking a bit to relax with my coffee.


Happy Saturday Everyone!


One thought on “Procrastination – Oh look! Coffee!

  1. lexikatscan

    I ratrace 5 days a week into The City so I really enjoy being away from people on weekends.
    Thank you for your cute blog.

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