Autumn Mornings


It’s not quite fall here, but it feels close.  It’s quite chilly this morning, and after leaving all of the windows open last night, it’s chilly in the house too.  I sleep the best when it’s cold in my room and I have a big old comforter to cover up with.  The downfall of that?  I most definitely do not want to get moving once it’s morning.

So I’m currently snuggled in bed with my doggies and a fresh cup of coffee on my nightstand.  The short one is watching obnoxious kid shows curled up on the couch. (Sidenote: when did cartoons get so lame?)  These kinds of mornings are few and far between in my house, and I really do love them.  The boyfriend is at work right now, so I even get some time to myself.

I’m definitely glad that fall is right around the corner, if winter didn’t follow so closely fall would be my favorite season.  The first set of chilly nights, pulling out your favorite hoodies and boots, coffee on the deck with a slight steam to your breath.  Love.  I usually get a bit melancholy during the chilly months before it snows, but it doesn’t seem like it’s going to an extreme this year.  Either way, I don’t mind.  It’s what makes fall for me, it’s part of it.

So things changed at work this week, and although I’m not entirely proud with the how, but I am happy with end result.  I’ve taken on more tasks to be helpful until everything is resolved, and despite the longer hours, and more harried timeline my day has taken on I am far less stressed.  So while I am damn near exhausted from this past work week, I am relatively stress free.   I feel content, and that is worth enjoying, even if it only lasts for who knows how long.  No matter how separate I keep work, less stress there, equals a happy me at home.

Our offices are being deep cleaned this weekend, so in the process of cleaning off my desk and files, I got on the cleaning kick.  So I have a lot of plans to clean everything, and open up all the windows to let the sunshine in at home.  It’s like Spring Cleaning got lost and ended up in the wrong month.  It’ll be a good start to the colder months, because god knows I hate doing entire house deep cleaning when it’s freaking snowing outside.  Thankfully the house isn’t in reality that bad, minus the kids toys, it’s actually pretty clean, but I want to get the cupboards and shelving in the backrooms organized so I don’t have to dive through junk to pull out my bread machine.

It’s going to be a good weekend, and I hope everyone else enjoys it as well.


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