Back in the Hospital


I am not a happy camper today, actually far from it.  I’m stressed out, anxious, and twitchy.  Thankfully though, the majority of my pain has been kept in check by my wonderful nurses.  I’ve been admitted to my (usual) hospital for a bowel obstruction, got here shortly after noon.  I did the big girl thing for once and came in before it was a full blown emergency and thankfully that has given me a teensy bit of control over the situation (No NG tube yet!! Yay!).  I can definitely say that I’m glad I came in, but it was really hard to make that call without it being an emergency.  Being someone who visits hospitals on the regular, I have a good sized aversion to them and all involved.  I’m proud I made the right decision and so far have handled everything quite well.



As always though, Crohns gives me a different perspective than what I expect.  Of course I’m already climbing the walls here, but it makes me grateful and appreciative of other people.  Of course for Ryan who has pledged to stay here tonight and for my kid for hanging out and giving me hugs.  To my sister for picking her up for the night and for my dad for the day after.  To the nurses and xray techs who make me laugh when I feel like crying.  It’s a good reminder, one that I need from time to time.  

So yeah, here I am, and here I shall remain.  I’ll update as I go.


One thought on “Back in the Hospital

  1. Yay for No NG Tube! that is a huge step and a true sign that you did the right thing by coming in soon so you don’t have to go through that! That is the worst thing ever! I once tried to rip it out while they were putting it in! BIG MISTAKE! Anyways, I hope the obstruction subsides quickly for you and you can return home! It sounds like you have a good support system! Thinking well wishes for you!

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