Why is the river green??


I wasn’t even aware that it was St. Patrick’s Day on Monday until my kid complained about not having a leprechaun trap.  No shit, St. Patrick’s Day, which means it’s St. Patrick’s Day weekend.  Which means that the majority of people I know have been completely shit faced all weekend.  Then there’s me.  Sober, and going to bed at 11pm because GodDammit I’m going to be up before 7 so I can drink a coffee in peace.

Wait, what?

Honestly, I didn’t put too much thought into it until this morning while I scrolled through the alcohol fueled regrets on my Facebook NewsFeed.  Once I saw the annual “look she’s sleeping in the stall at the pub” photo, it honestly hit me that I haven’t celebrated St. Patricks Day in a handful of years.  Not the way that I used to anyway, as I do have a whiskey usually the day of.  

Either way, it got me to thinking, do I feel old?  Or do I feel lame?  I’m not sure which is more accurate.  Over the past few years I have settled down quite a bit.  It took a DUI and a long road to fix my life (along with a boyfriend with mirroring problems) to kind of knock the bar-life out of me.   Don’t get me wrong, every once in a while (read: 3 months?) I go out and have a few drinks… but quite frankly I just don’t find it as enjoyable to go out and get shit-faced every weekend anymore.  I would much rather get up at 7am and hit up the Home Depot to grab some things for the house/yard.  So is that because I’m turning 28 (also read: 50?) this year?  Or is that because I’ve just gotten lame with my “OH MY GOD THERE IS A SALE AT LOWES!” self?  

I’m not sure, either way though I guess it’s okay.  Because here I am, wrapped up in my blanket my kid made me for Christmas, relaxing with a cup of delicious coffee.  It’s a quiet moment here in my house, and I’m really enjoying looking at all the pictures and updates on Facebook of puking/fighting/drooling on a bar table not to mention getting the low down on who did what in the bar bathroom.  So meh.  I maybe getting older or lame or whatever, but I’m cool with it. 


2 thoughts on “Why is the river green??

  1. Nah, you’re not lame. It’s called growing up… I’m turning in to the same. On a Friday night id much rather stay in with Steve and order dinner. I only get the itch to go out more often when it’s summer. Even then it’s like twice a month that I’ll go out and drink. Used to go out every. Single. Weekend. Even though there are still people our age spending their weekends at the bars… It doesn’t make doing what we’d rather do less satisfying. I say do what satisfies you most :)

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