Antibodies are Assholes


I am exhausted, I just started feeling a little teensy weensy bit like a human being again this evening.  I didn’t get any sleep last night, I spent the majority of the night up with the nurses trying to get blood drawn and IVs started.  I was so dehydrated (and my veins suck anyway) that as soon as the poor nurse would get a line in, my vein would blow.  They did start me on morphine, a small dose, and it didn’t even begin to cover some of the pain I was in.  I finally got my normal painkiller and now, almost 24 hour later, my brain can process thoughts correctly.  I was a hot mess this morning, it was obnoxious.

Obviously not a happy camper

Obviously not a happy camper

So, everyone and their mom has now looked at my cat scan.  It looks like we’re all on the same page now.  Looks like I have a partial obstruction, which is no surprise to anyone, but what has everyone’s eye is a very large stretch of *new* inflammation in my small intestine.  It’s drastically different then the scan I had in March if I understand correctly.  Anyway, so back in March, we had already had the idea that my Remicade Infusions might not be working anymore.  To try and prevent my body from creating antibodies to fight off the medicine, we had upped the dose and stuck me back on 6mp.  Looking at last night’s catscan, it doesn’t look like it did any good.  So this morning we sent off a blood test to see if my body had indeed made antibodies.  While waiting for that test to come back (couple days) we’re just going to go ahead and start looking into other meds.  I’m on high doses of antibiotics and steroids trying to get the inflammation down so I at least have a chance at a new med.

I’m definitely trying to do my best to hang in here and just have patience.  I was having a really hard time this morning, the pain was so immense and layering that on top of sleep deprivation, I was nothing but tears.  Now that I have pain relief, things should get a little better.  I’m looking forward to getting some (patchy – damn vital checks) sleep tonight.  We’ll see what these next few days hold.  Hopefully I won’t be here too long.


2 thoughts on “Antibodies are Assholes

  1. **hugs** <- Which is me saying, this crap sucks, and someone needs to kick it's arse for ya. And I'm here for you, in the whole I'm five hours away but still wish I could do something way.

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