Early Morning


There is something about early mornings that I absolutely adore.  Particularly during the warmer months.  My body wakes me up roughly around 5-5:30 am every day, which is perfect for when I need to be at work, but I don’t mind on the weekends either.

The best thing about being up so early is that there isn’t anyone else awake.  I’ll grab my cup of coffee and go sit on the front stoop or on the deck and just wake up.  The utter lack of people just soothes me.  It’s just the birds, the breeze and I.

I’ve been up for a bit more than an hour so far, and it is simply gorgeous outside.  I puttered around the house a bit too, took care of some chores I know I won’t want to tackle once the little miss is up.  For now it’s back on the stoop with my coffee.

Happy Sunday everyone! Happy Fathers Day to all the Dads!


4 thoughts on “Early Morning

  1. Happy Father’s day to you too! You deserve this second parental celebration for doing it on your own before wonder-man … And for doing it all now. I sincerely admire you and your perseverance. But I am even more in awe of your ability to make it work for your daughter. No matter what, you give that little girl what she needs in abundance… Love.

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