Coffee in bed.


Coffee in bed is by far one of my favorite things.  There is just something so incredibly relaxing about laying in bed, snuggled up with the blankets (and cat) listening to the rain with a cup of coffee.

I took a vacation day today, and it was most definitely needed.  Work has been really hectic lately, mostly just customers… it’s like it’s been a permanent full moon for 3 weeks straight.  Regardless, I finally felt like I was burnt out.  I haven’t been feeling on top of my game either, so with that combination, a day off is a must.

So for right now I’m just enjoying my coffee while the short kid eats her breakfast. We’re going to hang out this morning, but she will be going to camp later on.  Her summer camp is going bowling today, she most definitely doesn’t want to miss it.  Plus, while she’s of having fun, I’ll get to spend some time by myself… which hasn’t happened in a long time.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day.


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