Looking Up (being an adult is weird)


I’ve decided, adulthood is very very strange.  It’s definitely not as fun as I thought it would be growing up (who knew that money actually required work to get?!) but it’s not all bad (read: wine).

Our washing machine took a crap a couple of days ago.  It just stopped working, the transmission decided it was it’s time to go.  Of course, with Murphy’s Law the damn thing goes out when I have a shit ton of dirty clothes and almost nothing clean to wear to work.  I only paid $50 for the washer and dryer, so replacing parts was out of the question.  Cue anxiety.

We looked around on craigslist with out much luck, and then the boyfriend remembered that there is a small appliance store on the other side of the neighborhood.  He swung over there and found one for $230 and haggled down $80 and bam!  New to us washer!  (The best part?  The guy has a dishwasher I want too…. Ours is about days away from death.).

When I got home today, the first thing I did was start a load of laundry and press all the buttons.  It’s hilarious the things that get me all excited now… the boyfriend thought I was nuts.

So thats one less thing I need to stress about.  Work went good today too, slowly catching up from my day off.  As for the rest of my evening?  Pizza with the short one, and relaxing.  Finally.


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