Summer’s End

Garden Harvest

Garden Harvest

It’s the middle of August and it feels pretty damned close to Fall. Usually at this point I’ve been running the AC non-stop, with wishful thoughts of Fall jackets, scarves and boots. Nope. We’ve turned on our air maybe 10 times this summer, not that I’m complaining, but sheesh. It barely feels like it’s warmed up! The fact that it snowed in May probably isn’t helping Mother Nature’s cause either. Right now, it’s almost 10am and it hasn’t broken 70 degrees yet. There is supposedly a “heat wave” coming, but the weather channel can’t make up it’s mind on when or how hot. Whatever. I’ll believe it when I see it… or rather feel it.

Summer really has flown by this year. It usually does, but I think this year I actually acknowledged that summer would be over before I knew it. That was back in June, and now it’s August and school starts for the kid on Tuesday. We didn’t really do a whole lot of super fun stuff this summer, beyond the usual bike riding, trips to Grandpa’s and sprinklers. It’s been really busy for a lot of reasons, from home to work to oh my god I need two minutes to breathe! Ash was in summer camp at her daycare this year (and years prior), so I know she had a ton of fun going to the aquatic center and mini-golfing and such, but a small part of me wishes we had a couple more weeks so I could take her camping or something. *Sigh* I guess that’s the plight of all parents. I took the next two days off of work so I could spend the last day of “summer” with the kiddo, and take her to her first day of school… so we’ll fit something in here to have some last minute fun.

School. Starts on Tuesday. I don’t remember starting school so early when I was a kid, the towns around us started LAST WEEK!! Whatever though, I’m sure at some point the schools around here will implement, or at least try full year. Either way, I still need to finish school supply shopping. All I managed to get so far was a new pair of gym shoes (that I won’t see until next summer, when she brings them home destroyed) and a new backpack. I actually like school supply shopping, Ashley’s excited too, even though most of the crap we have to buy becomes “community supplies” and she won’t get to use it again. I always like to buy a little extra for us, you know for when I work from home (when don’t I?) and for her homework. So there’s that. Arrgh. I forgot about homework, I was super surprised last year at how much homework a 1st grader has… I wonder how bad 2nd grade is going to be?

Other than all of that gibberish, the end of the summer isn’t all bad. Like I said, it’s been a busy one! Between a new job, new truck, and hell at my work, a lot has gotten done and a lot has changed. Paying off debt is finally a reality (well it has been for a while, but now in bigger more painful chunks haha) and between the kids and my job it seems like I never get a chance to breathe. We managed to have a successful garden this year (2nd year in a row) and finally have an idea on where to put our raised garden beds we got last year. Along with the garden planning, we’ve figured out a timeline for projects in the house and we’ve also finished some smaller ones.

I think the only thing I’ve come to regret about this summer, is how much I’ve worked. Beyond the normal work day, I found myself going back to work and working from home more than I’m comfortable with. Granted, there’s a reason why at work, but still, it’s aggravating. I think what an associate said the other night made a lot of since, I can’t create more hours in the day, so I have to figure out how to work smarter. Regardless, too many hours lost for my comfort, so that’s something I’m most definitely going to try and work on these next few months.

Well, now that I’ve rambled everyone’s ears/eyeballs off, it’s time to go do some chores and get moving. Happy Sunday!


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