Well hello innards, can we stop trying to kill me today?


Holy hell, yesterday was very hectic.  Work was okay, it’s the slow season so the office seems to calm down quite a bit.  I went out to eat with my two bosses, there’s a Mexican restaurant right down the street from us that has some fabulous food. After that, the afternoon went by kind of quickly.

A couple hours before it was time to clock out and head home, my stomach started cramping.  Honestly, I brushed it off.  The pain wasn’t horrible,and my Crohns Disease has been making itself known lately.

Either way, I skipped dinner at home purely because I wasn’t hungry.  I went to bed early, only to wake up an hour later severely nauseated.  It reminded me of being pregnant, the thought crossed my mind that maybe I had food poisoning from lunch… The mental image of my lunch plate sent me running to the bathroom. 

The vomiting didn’t stop and I was pretty convinced it was food poisoning so we all piled in the car to go to my ER.  Forwarding though all the hospitals make Sarah grumpy thing, I have another obstruction. An NG tube and some morphine later, I’m feeling a bit better.

Ryan and Noodle had left for a bit, but they came back for a little while before Noodle goes with one of her teachers for sleepovers. 

My kid’s a tough cookie, while that makes me happy, it still makes me a tiny teensy bit down. Sure she misses me if I get sick… But she also knows she gets to have sleepovers and be spoiled, which doesn’t happen much at our home.

So while she bounces out to have a great time, I miss her.  Ahh well, we’ll do something together in a couple of days when I’m back on my feet.

Tomorrow I get to sit down with my doctor and literally argue with him over what medications I will *not* be on. Hopefully that goes better than expected and I can go back to grumping about early morning blood draws. Either way I’m beat. Time to try and get some sleep.


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