Planning Everything


This is a great blog entry about every day living with IBD. It hit home, especially since instead of watching movies with my boyfriend, I’m stuck in the hospital.

Crohnie Man

Everyday normal folks do not understand this, how lucky they are. Lucky that they don’t know, lucky they have an abundance of energy, which is something people with a chronic illness do not have. People with chronic illness energy levels are low even after sleeping all night and the reason is because there illness causes their immune system to continue in hyper drive even when sleeping.

Everyday normal folks don’t understand how lucky they are that they have to do every single thing pre planned and sometimes thought about days in advance. For instance a trip to go on vacation, I begin weeks in advance mapping our route so I know where every single restroom is. Also about two day before leaving to get there or leaving to come home I pretty much reduce my diet to nearly nothing. Which again normal folk don’t know what it is like to…

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