Take a Deep Breath – It’s 2018


Happy New Years! It’s already 2018, I can’t believe how fast this last year flew by. It seems like it was just Christmas 2016.. and then I blinked and it was Spring 2017.. and then I blinked again and it was Summer and Noodles birthday.. then I blinked again and it was New Years.

Time really got away from me, that’s for sure. I remember being a little girl, even younger than Noodle is now, and it seemed like time simply crawled. It took forever for a week to pass, much less for a month to pass, or god forbid a birthday or a holiday to arrive. Summers seemed to last forever, almost to the point where I looked forward to school at the end of August. Now? I don’t know how, but time just seems to slip right through my fingers.

I am glad it’s a new year though, 2017 was a rough one, it really was. I mean, I guess they all have been, at least for the last decade or so. We had some issues with Jon’s ex, I had some health issues (when do I not?) and Jon was unemployed for a bit while he searched for a job that was the right fit. It was definitely a bumpy road. Towards the end of the year it smoothed out a little bit though, enough to give me hope for this year.

So I have a new specialist now, a neurologist who studies autonomic disorders. I went and had all of the autonomic testing run right before Christmas, and it turns out that the majority of my symptoms are because of autonomic neuropathy. Almost everything can be related to it: Crohns symptoms (even though I’m near-remission), headaches & migraines, tachycardia/POTS, insomnia, tingling & numbness, you name it and it can be tied to it. Pretty interesting actually. He’s leaning more towards it being kicked off because of my Crohns or it being a genetic thing I got from my mom. It’s an answer, and just having an answer makes me feel a bit better. Now to start the roundabout of meds (again) to try and put the brakes on and slow down my heart.

Jon found a new management job that he likes quite a bit too. Very similar hours to mine which really rocks. His previous job was almost like a swing shift between third and first, so it was a bit odd with me working full first shift. He seems to be enjoying the challenge, and it’s a load off of my shoulders to have two incomes in the household again. It was definitely hard on me to support the house on top of my health issues (because of course, when it rains, it pours). Just having him working for the past handful of weeks has lifted a lot of the stress off.

Noodle is doing great, she’s shot up like a weed over this last year. I swear, she looks like a teenager already. Sometimes when she and I sit down and talk, she blows me away with how smart she is. She’s definitely got an old soul, she’s a brilliant, caring young girl, that I’m proud to say is my own.

On that note.. she’s also mastered her “metal scream”.. and really enjoys alternating screaming her chicken nugget song and making her pterodactyl sound and scaring the ever living crap out of me.

She definitely an interesting child, and I wouldn’t trade her for the world. I can’t believe she’s almost done with 5th grade, it really blows my mind how fast time has flown by. I love my little nerdling.

Beyond all that, it’s the same shit, same struggle, same work, same house. Not a whole lot has changed. Life is always a fight, but I’ve learned from the past few years to surround myself with good people and that is what makes it worth living. I’ve got someone I can’t stand that I can’t avoid in my work-life, but beyond that I love the majority of the people I work with, both in the office and out.. so that makes the office that much more enjoyable. I’ve got my beer-girlfriend, a good boyfriend, and great kid. Life is good despite the everyday shit. Huzzah.

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