Hey Migraine, it’s been a while.


Well, I lasted almost 10 months without a bad migraine. Sure, I got an occasional one, but they were usually short-lived. Usually just a regular old headache, treatable with some good old-fashioned Tylenol.

For whatever reason, they’re back! I got a day long migraine last week, so I just kind of toughed it out. Since I’ve stopped working, they never seem to last longer than 12-18 hours at the absolute most. Then Sunday night, the aura started again. I kind of just groaned, took my cocktail (double dose of ibuprofen & Benadryl – usually knocks it back into the headache range after some sleep) and hoped for the best. Yeah, 3 nights later, here I am. Migraine still squatting in my skull. I’ve tried all my tricks, from the above cocktail, to peppermint oil, to ice packs, to my migraine tea. It’s still here and I’m frustrated.

I know it’ll pass, I know I’m doing a great job keeping up on my health regimens. I know that it is what it is, but damn what a disappointment. I’m just kind of writing this to get the frustration out of my system and remind myself that it’ll pass and hopefully my migraine-free trend will continue.

Reply, do it, you know you want to!

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