Celebs & their platforms


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If you’re even remotely active on twitter, you may have noticed that some celebrities are very vocal regarding politics and government policy. We’ve seen it with football players, actors and actresses, musicians and authors.

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In the age of the internet, we can talk to people across the country. We are able to see the updates from people we used to read about in magazines. Hell, we can even comment on tweets from The White House and members of Congress. We can share our opinions and read the opinions of “famous people”. It’s an amazing time to share information and start conversations with people we used to have to wait to see on TV or read about in magazines.

Now on to privilege. There’s a lot of arguments regarding race and privilege, and we’re not going to get into that right now. That’s a blog post of its own. However, I believe we can all agree, that public figures such as authors, actors and actresses are more privileged than the rest of us working-class folks.

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Lets use social media for an example. Twitter is one of the quickest ways to get information out to the rest of the world. I love it but I only have 604 followers. Stephen King has 5.2 MILLION followers. George Takei has 2.9 MILLION followers.

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Hell. Donald Trumps followers are up to 59.5 MILLION. Social media is a platform for speech & information, and the rich and famous tend to have more reach and us regular folk want to know what they have to say (or in my case, the best way to shit post them). So celebrities are starting to state their opinions. They share articles about things they are passionate about. They retweet and post things that they agree with or feel down to their core.

Yet, on every single post you will see comments telling them to “stick to acting”, to “stay out of politics” as well as comments that they have “no right to comment, because how would you know??” Or as quoted in the first image, claiming “it’s just for attention”.

Somehow, everyone but the 16-year-old fan-girls of famous rock stars has forgotten something. Celebrities are people too. They are allowed to have an opinion. They are allowed to voice that opinion. As many of them are doing, they are USING their privilege and platform to speak out for and against things they are passionate about.

Now most of you know, I hold a good amount of animosity towards the upper classes. Eat the Rich and all, so you’d think I’d be championing the sit-down-and-shut-up-brigade against celebs. However, no. I WANT to know what they’re thinking. I WANT to see them using their money and privilege to be active within the community. I want to see them share information that they believe is important and pertinent to the rest of us in America or on Earth. I want them to use their priviledge and platform for something to better humanity. Even if I don’t agree with it.

I am happy to see actors and actresses boycotting Georgia. It shows they care about something. Just as I was happy to see the angry tweets from footballers and management regarding players kneeling during the anthem (don’t shit post regarding that, I’ll just delete the comment.. not the time). I was happy to see people sharing their opinions about what is going in in America. Even if I didn’t agree, even if it came from someone who wasn’t involved in politics prior. Hell. This country elected a tv personality as a govenor of California, then one as President. Speech and opinion don’t just belong to politicians, just like it doesn’t only belong to the working class. It also belongs to celebrities, immigrant activists, and my ass backwards friends from England (how’s Brexit treating ya?).

Everyone deserves a voice. Frankly we should be happy we have celebrity tweets to read that are more meaningful than the most recent Kardashian makeup scheme or break up.

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