The Universe did NOT shit on me today!


Long ago I had called my Dad because something had gone horribly wrong in my life. He helped me figure out a solution, instead of burning it all to the ground, and when I thanked him he offered up a bit of advice.. or maybe experience is more accurate.

“Don’t worry, as soon as you get one part of your life, or one thing fixed.. something else will break. It’s how life goes.”

If that isn’t the truth, then I’m obviously living in an alternate dimension.

When I was in my 20s, one of my biggest problems was taking things in stride. Admittedly, I still struggle with that on occasion, when the problems pile up, and my anxiety gets going, everything is a world-ending ordeal. However, thanks to a lot of growing up and kicks in the ass from my pops, I’m slowly learning to deal with life’s every day problems. You see, my Dad was right, there is always something going wrong.

So in the last couple of weeks, we have sprung a leak in our roof, been rushing to get my car repaired for emissions, and had my lawnmower crap out. The same day that the lawnmower took it’s last bit of gasoline, I tripped and busted my ankle pretty good while attempting to repair it. It was one of those “last straw” moments, where I was either going to lose it, or set everything aflame.

It took me a little while to calm down, and think rationally.

Lawnmowers aren’t that expensive, and out of the issues at hand, it was the cheapest thing I could eliminate from my “worry list”. I sent Jon out to the store to buy a new one for us, and he was able to find a decent one for $140. Lawn was mowed, fire was had all was good for the evening. We luckily have also managed to find out where our roof is leaking. It’s not a bad leak, just needs some roofing tar, so we’ll take care of that the next nice day out. Then, we just need to repair the dryer vent hose, and turn on the outside water to see if we can figure out where it’s leaking. Minor projects, nothing major, and finally my brain is learning to deal with one thing at a time.

Over the weekend, I had been driving my car a bit to see if the check engine light would come back on. It had been off since I got it from the repair shop, and they had warned me that it should come back on and cause me to fail emissions. I was looking at replacing the fuel injectors at $1900, so we had opted to do a fuel system cleaning & my spark plugs hoping that that would hold it over until emissions. The car runs great, it’s just a matter of passing that stupid test.

Well this morning after Jon went to work, and the short one left for school, I figured.. let’s go get it tested. Last time I had emissions, I had just gotten repairs then too, and went too early for the computer to complete the test (and ended up failing the 2nd time, so I needed more repairs then too) so I figured that was the worst that could happen. However.. the universe took pity on me. The Rav4 passed the emissions test so I can renew my license plates!

Holy fuck is that a weight off of my shoulders! I felt about 50 lbs lighter driving out of there! So now it’s onto the next issue, but I’m lucky enough to be able to remind myself that none of it is world-ending, and that we’ll fix it one way or another.

Happy Monday.


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