The Stress of Getting Shit Done


Summer is upon us. It’s been mostly sunny and warm outside, with the occasional thunderstorm. The spring to summer transition is one of my favorite times of the year. It’s when we’re lucky to watch our garden grow, it’s when my daughter’s birthday is, it’s when I love nothing more than listening to the thunder roll in ahead of a storm.

It’s also super busy, and usually very stressful much to my disdain.

Like I mentioned, the short kid (who isn’t very short anymore) had her 12th birthday. We all made it through alive! My Dad & Sister came to help us celebrate and we had a lovely time eating, drinking and watching the kid open her (awesome) gifts. She got quite a few cds, a hoodie, a record player and a couple records, just to name a few. She was thrilled. It was definitely a rush to get the house cleaned and presents ordered in time. All of it was worth it of course.

Beyond that, the garden is planted and thriving, well except for my cucumbers, they’re slow risers apparently. We only planted 4 out of 5 raised beds this year, we had a bit of food wastage last year and I wanted to avoid that. This year we have 2 different types of lettuces planted, 2 different tomatoes, cucumbers, green pole beans, and then in our long in ground bed, pumpkins. I had bought milkweed, but didn’t plant it in time. That’s going in the back corner for the monarchs next year, so we’ll plant it in the fall. It’s nice to watch everything grow.

We also expanded our fire pit. We’re huge fans of a good fire in the evenings, especially if it’s paired with good conversation and an ice cold beer. The fire pit I had was maybe 1.5 feet across, and very low to the ground. The downfall was that it would get overloaded easy, and the heat would roll down and kill all of the surrounding grass. So we added high stones, and expanded it x 2.5.

It’s absolutely wonderful and has been getting a lot of use! The best part is that the heat doesn’t roll back down over the rocks so the ground around it remains cool. So we’ll be able to grow grass there again. The new grass seed was planted this afternoon and I can’t wait until it grows!

We’re also getting ready for Jon’s daughter to arrive. She’ll be here in a couple of days, so making sure her room is ready for her is top priority. We went out and bought her some summer clothes, and I am planning on buying more. Unfortunately the last summer she spent with us, her mother was a bit spiteful and sent only the clothes that were ripped beyond belief or way too small for her. We’re also setting up some appointments for her, to make sure she’s healthy and has someone to talk to. Being in a blended family isn’t exactly easy, and it has impacted her quite a bit. I’ve been non-stop stressing about her summer here, and despite hoping for the best, remembering how rocky it was before, makes me feel like I cannot be prepared enough.

Jon’s been working a lot as well. His new(ish) job is going great, and he definitely seems to enjoy it more than the other jobs he’s worked since we’ve been together. I can definitely attest to how important it is to work somewhere that doesn’t make you miserable. Plus, when one member of the family is unhappy, it effects all of us. So on that front it’s all glitter and rainbows.

On top of that, I decided to tap into my savings and pay off some debt and treat myself. I paid off my credit cards and double checked to make sure all of our monthly bills were current, and set aside a little bit of money to cover a tattoo I’ve been meaning to cover up for LITERALLY 15+ YEARS. I’m so psyched it’s absolutely ridiculous. So yeah, my savings took a bit of a hit, but it was needed, and covering up a tattoo that has made me incredibly self conscious for the better part of two decades I’m putting directly under self-care.

Needless to say, it’s been a busy busy month or so. While most of it was positive, it’s still been stressful and very very busy. My Crohns disease is definitely flaring up a little bit, and I’ve had a few headaches, which is not something I really have time to deal with right now. Either way, the next few weeks will be about me getting back into the habit of self care. I need to remember to do things for myself, instead of focusing on the house and family all of the time.

Onwards to the summer! It’s going to be a ride!

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