End of Summer Cold


I am absolutely exhausted. I’m curled up on the couch with my favorite blanket and pillow with my pup curled up next to me. Made some coffee and lit a candle, trying to create a soothing environment. Why? I feel like hammered shit.

About a week ago, my nose was stuffed up, but it seemed to pass pretty quickly. Noodle got sick a day or so after, and every time that kid gets a cold, it moves into her chest. So we ended up at the ER for a breathing treatment and inhaler. While sitting there, sniffling myself, I considered myself lucky, all I got was a sniffle. So of course, once the kiddo got her inhaler, she bounced back with a cough, and I started sneezing.

I am now a cranky mess of a walking headache with a cough and congestion. End of Summer colds are the worst. The temperature is finally cooler, it’s time to harvest the garden, and enjoy being outside… and I’m fucking sick.

So I’m literally just here to bitch, because I don’t feel good and because I don’t have the wonderfully robust immune system that my kid does.

Someone make me soup and spike it with Nyquil.

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