Education & The General Public


Excuse my word vomit for a bit, but this is something I’ve been pondering for a little bit here. There’s always been a tiff of some sort between Republicans and Democrats. Hell, there’s a bit of fighting within the left and right.. as there is a broad spectrum of belief systems on each side. I’ve seen the brunt of it as I’ve traveled from conservative through liberal and the various sub-sects of anarchist and communist back to socialist. Nobody seems to get along for long. I imagine the right isn’t much prettier with their.. um.. yeah.

Anyway. So as American travels through it’s various stages of dumpster, and progressed into dumpster fire these past few years the in-fighting seems almost frenzied. None of the topics have really changed to be honest. It’s the same shit, just with different politicians plugged in, and a few new atrocities named. The difference I’ve noticed though is what I’m going to refer to as the “harsh“.

When I was a teenager, and just getting into politics (thank you 9/11 for the baptism by fire) the internet was a thing, but wasn’t.. if that makes sense. I mean, I suppose if you were an upper class kid, you probably had pretty good access, but if you were lower middle class or working class? Your access was limited to AOL disks in the mail that garnered you an ass whooping from your parents, or an hour of internet time at the library. So my learning about politics was from my parents (conservative), and my friends (anarchists, liberals and one don’t-give-a-fuck-eat-vegan-hippy). So it was a cluster fuck of biased-alcohol fueled hell at best, and misinformed at worst. I subsisted off of the Chicago Tribune, and what I could gather at the library computers for news, and then picked my friend’s minds.

When I ran into new people and politics came up, I ate up information and it seemed like people were much more likely to share their point of view. This was how I learned that Libertarians gave me headaches at 16. You could sit down with someone at Denny’s, IHOP or whatever shitty coffee place and just talk and smoke and learn. I remember at one point talking to a bunch of 25-30 year rockers when I was about 16-17 when they were talking about the Bush Administration. I sat down with my over-sugared coffee and basically said “I’m an idiot and don’t know much about politics, but can I listen” and they shrugged and went on, even stopped to explain stuff to me if I had a question.

Now, almost two decades later, I watch kids fight each other on social media or discord or whatever. Which whatever, there’s always going to be little outbursts and tiffs like I said.. but when they turn on someone for not knowing terminology or for being misinformed or not knowing something… that’s fucked up.

We know damn well that our school systems are severely lacking. Most of my knowledge about politics/parties/governments/other countries came from my own research AFTER school. I’ll watch Leftists of whatever flavor tear Liberals apart for coming to them to ask questions.. which come on. Isn’t the entire point of everything to educate people? Maybe someone else will swing a little further left than liberal?

I don’t know. Maybe it’s because I’ve been all over the spectrum in the last almost 2 decades. Maybe it’s because I have a bit more sympathy because I didn’t face the harsh quite like today’s folks have to.

I just know that if someone asks me questions, I’ll give my opinion openly. Period.

That and everything is giving me a fucking headache.

Reply, do it, you know you want to!

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