Pandemics, Primaries, Economic Collapse & Springtime


Things have changed so much in the last year and more importantly, things will never be the same. I thought about it for a while, and decided that it seemed right to archive my previous posts. While a lot of them were still relevant, they seemed so.. distant, and I just wanted a fresh start.

April 2020. Four months into the year and it feels like we’re four YEARS in. We’re currently under a “Stay at Home Order” and have been for a couple of weeks because of the Covid-19 pandemic. It’s a respiratory virus from the SARS family that has been spreading like mad.

Screenshot 2020-04-09 at 2.52.48 PM

Because the majority of our country and most of the world is quarantining, the economy is suffering. 6.6 million Americans filed for unemployment just last week since most stores, restaurants and the rest of the economy has closed down.

Predictably, our government under the Trump administration has fumbled the pandemic response. Hospitals are overwhelmed, trust in the government is low, and fear is skyrocketing. Trump himself is all over the place, his twitter is a minefield of dementia riddled attacks on everyone from the press to senators to governors to other countries. His comments and actions (golf trips) on the virus itself show how unprepared he is for a crisis of this magnitude.


Needless to say, he’s here to stay. Bernie Sanders has dropped out of the race for president. So our lovely two-party system has decided that our choices yet again are Democrat or Republican, Joe Biden or Donald Trump. Unfortunately Joe Biden has a very problematic history including but not limited to racism, homophobia, and rape. Ironically so does Donald Trump. So, I guess it’s just more of the same.

I haven’t quite processed all of my feelings on all of this yet, so that’ll be a post on another day. Beware though, you probably won’t like what you read.

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