Police Brutality – 2020 Neverending Edition


Police killed another Black man in Minneapolis, Minnesota. George Floyd.

They murdered him on video for all the world to watch. They murdered him with the expectation that they would get away with it.

I refuse to post the video as Black people should not have to watch death over and over again.

The people in Minneapolis have had enough and have broken into protest.

The police fired tear gas & LTL rounds at them, unlike what they did when White protestors stormed Michigan demanding to get haircuts.

Minneapolis is now burning.

Conservatives, Liberals and and White middle class people are complaining about looting; because it’s obvious that they care more about property than the lives lost to police brutality.

Days after the murder and the murderers still haven’t been charged.

I hope the protestors burn it all down.

One thought on “Police Brutality – 2020 Neverending Edition

  1. Ok Folks…
    If you know anyone in Minneapolis.

    Remedy for teargas, and pepper spray.

    Try hard not to touch your face, I know it burns, Get away from the source right away. Walk fast do not run.

    1. Cool water. Lots and lots of water. Flood the face and hands.
    2. Remove all face coverings, and soak in water.
    3. Remove any clothing that might be exposed, and soak in water.
    4. To naturalize use a mixture of 50% liquid anti-acid, and 50% water. shake to mix well, flood face and eyes.

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