Everything is on Fire


This country disgusts me. So do the majority of it’s citizens. I don’t even know where to begin to be completely honest, there’s so much trash right now I just can’t process half of it. I’m disgusted and appalled at family as well as friends, and if I distance myself any more than I already have, I might as well just move to the woods and never see another soul beyond my immediate family ever again.

Covid-19 is still around, which isn’t surprising in the least considering that Americans refuse to wear masks, and sue our governors so they can go and eat at Applebees. We now have over 6 million cases, and more than 186k people have died. We’re projected to hit over 400k deaths in 4 months if Americans can’t manage to wear a mask and wash our hands, and yet people, people I know don’t believe in it or think it’s all scare tactics. Worse? They still parrot the “well, it kills the sick and elderly, so we shouldn’t have to lock down and wear masks.” 180k deaths, and people are still parroting that. It’s really something else to see people you know exclaiming that no one should mask up because people like you and your daughter will die.

Protests against police brutality and racism are still going strong. Places like Portland are well over 100 days into it, and it’s now local as well. Kenosha WI PD shot a man in the back numerous times bringing protests home. The man, Jacob Blake survived somehow. Protests started up immediately, which I whole heartedly support, but the Right & Far Right found a champion which makes me want to vomit.

Kyle Rittenhouse, a 17 year old from Antioch took a rifle that he was too young to have up to the Kenosha protests and murdered two people and severely injured another. He was arrested and charged, the next day, as he went to turn himself in and the police ignored him so he went home. It’s all on video, and yet Conservative Christians and Republicans have some how found a way to rally around him. They call him a patriot, and have raised a large amount of money to pay for his defense. His own lawyer says that he started the new revolution and parrots the patriot garbage.

The protests will continue, as they should as the police have been brutalizing people across the country for using their constitutional rights. Between police shooting people in the head, beating them on live streams and Trump voicing support for Kyle Rittenhouse and Alt-Right Militias, it all seems so hopeless.

All I can do is continue keeping in touch with my immediate community and voice my support for those on the front lines (as my chronic illnesses don’t allow for much else lately). The last few months however, have left such horror and disgust, I’m not sure that it will get better regardless of whether or not Trump stays in office. I do know however that a line has been drawn in the sand, we’ll be in the history books, and more than half of this country will not be on the right side.

Reply, do it, you know you want to!

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