In Five Years


My little one turns five today, she’s already graduated preschool and is enrolled in kindergarten.  My little one hand bunk beds and play-make up, my little one wants to learn how to ride a bike and be able to fix it too.  My little one is five.  Time really does fly, it does.  It seems like just yesterday she was running around my house in  a diaper.  I could have sworn it was just last week that we took down her crib.  Where the hell does the time go?  As she gets older, I try harder to hold on to each day, to make it last as long as possible… but regardless before I know it, she’ll be all grown up.

I have to give it to her, she’s had a hard five years.  When she was born, I got sick and years after discovered I had Crohns Disease.  She had to spend her first couple years thinking it was okay for Daddy to yell at Mommy, it was okay for Daddy to hit mommy.  She then had to deal with Daddy moving out and then not too long after she had to deal with “Daddy moving away to work” and then never hearing from him again.  She had to transition from having a stay at home mom to a full-time working mom and start daycare.  Now that life is improving she is learning how to not be the only child.

There’s one thing to be said about my child, she is a strong little girl.  Despite all the turbulence at home thanks to myself being sick and her Dad being… well… a dead beat dad, she’s thrived.  She’s done really well in school and is picking up things really quick.  Despite some tantrums ( I think due to all of the change in the house as well as changing classrooms and teachers at school) she’s been doing really well.  I’m proud of my little girl, I’m proud of her manners and how caring she is.  I’m proud of how kind she can be and how loving she is.  I’m a proud mama.

So today, she is 5.  She is a bigger little girl.  This year, we have a lot planned for her birthday.  We’ve split up her birthday to 2 days this weekend and all next weekend.  Ryan is working today so I planned out today as just her and I.  Unfortunately we have a dentist appointment at noon (opps, bad scheduling on my part), but after that she made a request to go shoe shopping.  After that her best friend Izzy is coming over to bring her her presents and have a play date.  The neighbors are coming over too to celebrate.  Then of course, tonight she gets to open her presents from me.  Tomorrow?  Tomorrow we are going to the park, and after Ryan gets home from work, we’re doing the birthday cake thing, followed by opening her presents from Him and our joint presents.  Some time this weekend, Kate will be coming over to give her her presents too.

The big things we’re doing?  Well, we aren’t having a “real” party this weekend, people are just coming and going, so I wanted something special.  So next weekend, we are all going up to the Lake House to celebrate her birthday with my Dad.  We’re leaving early Friday morning and staying until Sunday evening.  It’s all Noodle can talk about, seeing her Grandpa and “Driving the Boat” (she gets to steer the pontoon boat).  She’s excited… a weekend swimming and playing in the sand… and hopefully I can get her to come out on the jetski this time.  :)  I’m almost as excited as she is.  The first vacation (out of many) this summer.  It’s time for some family time as well as a break.  :)


Happy Birthday to my little girl.  My Noodle. :)


Hey, at least I don’t have to water the flowers


It’s been one hell of a long day, the customers and phone calls just wouldn’t stop coming!  The plus side was that the day flew by, but the negative?  I’m exhausted.  I was so relieved when I pulled into my driveway, and even more so to be able to sit down and relax with a hot cup of coffee.  The short little thunderstorm helped with my nerves too.  My plans for the rest of the night?  Well, right now, just relaxing in the kitchen, watching the boyfriend cook dinner (sadly enough he cooks more than me).  Then after dinner?  Relaxing on the couch and watching my favorite sci-fi show… Lost Girl.  To say I’m excited about curling up in bed tonight is most definitely an understatement.

So things have just been generally crazy around here.  I have some great company to endure the chaos with, my friend Kate is still a constant.  We managed to tackle a good portion of the housework this past weekend and knock out another portion of shopping for my little Noodle’s birthday, I’m almost done and Kate got her a ton of stuff!  I still have some bigger ticket items to get, but most of the little gifts are set.  On Sunday I went over to her house to visit her family (which is another one of my adopted families, they were there for me through all of the domestic crap with my ex as well as the first 2ish years of Crohns).  Unfortunately I missed her parents, but there’s always next weekend!  I can’t wait to see them again.  Last night after work, Kate and her sister came over to visit… that was awesome and Ry took it upon himself to make us all dinner.  To say that he’s got a thumbs up from those two is an understatement… and their opinions mean a lot to me.

Beyond all of that, just menial chores and work.  I’ve been pondering over a pretty big decision in my head too… this fall I believe I’m going back to college… not to work on that Bachelors in Business (honestly because I’d rather eat my own ass than take one more accounting course), but to head for (starters) my Associates in Criminal Justice.  End goal?  Bachelors.  If I get bored?  Masters.  Criminal Justice is something I’ve always been interested in, but of course I never wanted to become a Police Officer so I just abandoned it not realizing that I could take it so much farther.  So after doing lots of research, I think I’m just going to dive in.  I’m excited… more like thrilled… and even more so that I have the support of so many people.  I can’t wait.

In the mean time though, it’s time to get ready for dinner.  I hope everyone is doing well since I haven’t had time to check in on anyones blogs this week.  Happy Almost Hump Day.