Painting and Splurging


For those of you who have been to my house or have been keeping up on my blog for the past couple of years or so, you’d know that I’ve been slowly remodeling my house.  When I moved in, it had cheap crappy carpet, shoddy drywall job, and anything that could have been ghetto rigged, was.

I bought this house from a guy who used to flip houses for a living.  He apparently had like 3 going at a time, he’d buy the crappy foreclosures (mine was owned by drug addicts, yay!) and flip them to sell.  Well, he bought my house.  Started the work…. and the economy tanked.  His other houses weren’t selling, and he didn’t have much money to put in on this one.  Hence, the cheap price I picked it up at.

So at first (after the divorce settled down) I started doing little things.  Just basic repairs, then my (then) 2 year old went through a phase which involved dumping syrup on my carpet.  I dealt with it for as long as possible, then decided to tear it up.  My dad and I spent an evening tearing up all the carpet in the front room and hallways and chucking it.  He brought over some laminate “wood” tiles. You lay them just like you would with real wood, but with an adhesive.  Super easy, and it looks pretty damn close to real since you lay them in planks.  Best $300 investment ever (and I even have some left over!!).

During the “blast music and lay floor” fiasco, I met Ryan.  Who I honestly think fell in love with fixing my house as much as he did with me.  With in a few months, he was painting my living room, hallways, bathroom and bedroom.  Just a bit of caulk, spackle and paint made it look ten times better.  The “flipper” had used a flat paint that was sooo cheap, if you tried to scrub it (like when a toddler draws on the wall) all of the paint would come off… so a bit of extra money went into the quality of the paint.

Over the summer, we built a shed, spent too much time in the garden, and besides replacing the water heater and fixtures in the bathroom, it all kind of stalled.  (I guess you can’t really say stalled but whatever.)  I think now that spring is in the air, Ryan’s got the urge to be Mr. Fix it again.  Him and Noodle are now re-painting the kitchen and Ryan spent a handful of hours designing a bigger shed for the backyard.  We’re trying to decide on the size of a deck and the placement of the front fence (which looks like eta of 2014 summer).  While he’s at all his man stuff, I spend time planning my garden, coming up with new ways to organize and be cost effective.

Lets just say it’s working.  The house is looking great, and (even though I’ve been putting off pricing siding) with the money saved just from improvements (energy wise) and DIY instead of contracting, I’m treating my little painters to a greasy lunch.  Italian Beefs, Chicken Strips, Buffalo Wings and fries are coming by delivery… and they have no idea.
What a great way to end a weekend. :)