I’ve been avoiding writing here because everything is just so bleak.

Covid-19 has killed 237k+ people in the United States, and Americans are still complaining about having to wear a mask and not being able to go out to dinner when cases are soaring.. again.

We made it through the election.. kind of. Biden barely won, barely, and Trump is contesting every negative vote count claiming that he won the election. Who knows what will happen when Biden is supposed to take office in January.

Protests against Police Brutality are still happening, but the media and vast amount of Americans do not care.. especially now that Biden has “won” the election. Despite the fact that Biden’s legislation is what set all of this into motion, people seem to think that just because he won an election, police brutality is solved.

There’s not much to update beyond that on a national, newsworthy level.

In my personal life? It’s been a rocky run lately. On the lighter side of that, I started a new job recently, and I’m very grateful for the income. My family is healthy and we have a roof over our heads. That’s good enough for now.

Take care everyone.