Intolerance and Hate


I had “friended” someone on¬†Facebook¬†that I knew as a child. ¬†She was one of my mother’s friends and I looked up to her after my mom passed away. ¬†I lost touch with her for years and the wonderful world of Facebook brought us back together.

Unfortunately the line that is drawn between us is way to great and I had to delete her. ¬†Our political stances and morals/beliefs are too far apart and I can’t deal with that. ¬†I’d say we’re polar opposites like me and my wonderful friend Em are, ¬†but it’s beyond that. ¬†I’m middle-left-leaning. ¬†She’s so far right, I swear Obama turned gay and personally shat in her¬†Wheaties

As most of you know two very important bills are up today that involves same-sex marriage and rights. ¬†As most of you (should) know, I am FOR equal rights. ¬†I acknowledge that in Christianity marriage is between a man and a woman, but I also realize that not all people are Christian. ¬†Not all people think that way. ¬†Frankly, I believe that marriage is between love and love. ¬†If there so happen to be two penises in the equation, it doesn’t bother me. ¬†If there happens to be two vaginas involved, fuck yes.

Anyway, so in my support of the gay community, I changed my profile picture and posted this:

Booyah bitches.

Booyah bitches.


… among other things. ¬†Well, it attracted my mother’s friend. ¬†Her response was to compare same sex marriage to¬†pedophilia. ¬†Yeah. ¬†I’m not cool with that. ¬†I am not even going to waste time to type why I’m not cool with that. ¬†If you don’t know the difference between pedophilia and a same-sex relationship, or think there is any kind of comparison or lead to pedophilia, you honestly shouldn’t be reading my blog. ¬†Or on my¬†Facebook. ¬†Or anywhere near my corner of the internet/county/state.

I informed her that I thought it was a disgusting comparison and was met with several links to articles about pedophilia and nasty groups that are for it.  Needless to say I told her she was a bigot and filled with hate, and that does not belong on my page, or in my life.  I stopped responding and calmed down with a friend over the phone.  Once I calmed down, I un-friended her.

Not only am I offended by her, or appalled might be more of a correct term.. but I am saddened.  I thought that maybe I could learn more of my mother through her.  I have my dad of course, but no one knows a woman like another woman.  I looked forward to selfishly getting something out the relationship but ended up with hate filling my page.

It’s odd. ¬†I’ve always known about the bigots and the racists and such. ¬†Hell, I’ve run into them out in every day life, but to find out someone that you looked up to and looked to as a child has such hatred in her heart is hard to swallow. ¬†I don’t blame it on Christianity at all either, so don’t start that nonsense. ¬†I know that most Christians aren’t like that, but it’s still hard to wrap my head around.

So I guess this is it. ¬†Sorry Mom, I had to delete your friend. ¬†I’m glad you’re not here anymore because I’d have to ask you what the hell you were thinking in the first place.