“I reported you for manufactured racism. That’s probably why your comment got deleted. MAGA!”


For once I don’t even know where to start. I feel such utter shame for my country and our fellow citizens. I am so sad and depressed about the state that our country is in, I don’t even know what to say, how to begin to explain it. I have poured two new cups of coffee since I’ve written this paragraph.

So after immense pressure, Facebook has decided to ban white supremacist content from it’s platform. The reason being that white supremacists have been behind so many heinous attacks as of late, and it’s known that they use social networks to organize. Facebook had done the same for ISIS, and it was well accepted, yet for some reason the #MAGA crowd is all up in arms about it.

Here’s a link to an article explaining the ban.

Now, one would think that both parties and their supporters can get behind the stance of “Nazis & hate speech have no place on Facebook or in everyday life”. Yet again, I was mistaken. I scrolled through an article’s comment section, only getting more nauseated as I went. I saw calls for BLM to be banned, as well as Muslims as a whole, even a few people claiming that the KKK & Nazis in the United States doesn’t even exist. A lot of people were saying the media fabricated the story, which led me into a conversation with a very delusional man.

Don’t mind the font change as I switched from my phone to my Chromebook towards the end.

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I really could have handled myself better, I could have, but I was getting super frustrated. There was so much I wanted to say that just wasn’t even worth my fingers extending to each letter. Not once did this man denounce white supremacy or nazis, despite me asking repeatedly. Not once did he answer on whether or not he was angry at fox news for using “the race card” just like MSNBC and everyone else did.

He was the stereotypical Trump supporter. He refused to answer any questions, or explain any of his reasoning, or even denounce Nazis. As I told him in the comments, he and people like him is why Trump isn’t gaining followers, and frankly, with this kind of behavior and rhetoric, why would anyone want to be associated with Trump Supporters or more importantly the Republican Party.

You see, I grew up in a Republican Household. My entire family is Republican, hell I hold several conservative view points as one of my friends like to point out. I made the decision to start voting Democrat after disagreeing with some of the Bush Era policies. Then I learned really quickly, through conversation with Republicans, Socialists, and general Leftists during the Obama Administration, that there were things I didn’t like with them either. I learned to question things, have conversations and debates with people (I’ll let his comment about Identity Politics go, as that’s a blog for later). I learned, or had thought I learned, that there is middle ground between the parties.

I had always thought that denouncing racism and white nationalism/supremacy was a given. Why wouldn’t both parties agree that boneheads are bad? Of course there’s those assholes who run around with Confederate flags and seig heil-ing that ruin it for the families who have history in the Confederacy. Shouldn’t we all be condemning them?

As this administration began it’s term, not only did we see a ton of white supremacists pop out of the wood work, sympathiezers and those who turn a blind eye became glaringly obvious. All of a sudden Nazis are marching the street, PROMOTING ON FACEBOOK among other sites, and a large section of Trump Supporters either embrace them or turn a blind eye.

When those of us left cry out about Nazis recruiting via social media, or attempt to get white nationalist sub reddits closed down, we’re told we’re manufacturing the racism, that we’re all making it up for ratings. Then when we try and talk, you know, have conversations.. the way people share their viewpoints.. the Trump Supporters refuse. When we ask why we’re “snowflakes” or what have you, we get “MAGA!!” or “TRUMP 2020!” or straight up accused of “race baiting”, being unpatriotic, or told to get out of the country.

When we show legitimate facts, THINGS THAT HAVE HAPPENED, they refuse to talk to us, crying FAKE NEWS. This is what the Republican Party has become, what used to house wonderful men and women, is now nothing but a violent dumping ground for racism, slurs, classism, and their own propaganda. It’s a sad sad day, but at the same time, I can’t even count how many times I’ve felt shame for this country as of late.

I decided to post about this, and this guy I talked to (without bluring his name, as if he can talk like this on the internet, he should be shown to the world) because I believe it’s pertinent to the current state of the Republican Party and our country. This guy is what people think of when they think of Republicans now. This is one of many faces of that party, and I pray that the party itself wants to change that. We cannot allow such uneducated rhetoric to bounce around our country. As you can see, the guy above has bought into and is parroting the same propaganda that comes out of Fox News, Sarah Sanders and Trump’s twitter account.. despite proof to the contrary. This is the current direction of our country.. a country where a party refuses to denounce Nazis under the guise of Freedom of Speech (which 1. doesn’t protect hate speech and 2. pertains to government entities).

As to those people telling me to get out of my own country? No. You don’t move out of a house because you need to replace the hot water heater, you stay and fix it. Speaking out is Patriotism. Protest is patriotism. None of us “leftists” are going anywhere.


Social Networking Can Kiss My Ass


Seriously. What the hell. All I know is that facebook has been really getting on my nerves. All the changes, glitches and annoyance. The fact that I select “recent” and still end up with updates from five days ago infuriates me. Why yes Facebook. I know that my friends kid has finally pooped in the potty, Ive only seen the post 160 fucking times in the last four days.

Honestly though, Im kind of burnt out on status updates. Im usually browsing facebook for political banter or to tallk to my close knit group of friends from across the country. Im just fed up with it. But where do I go? I love pintrest but use it purely for DIY ideas and knitting patterns. Twitter? Losing it’s luster too. I hopped on Google+ again and got a migraine … I dont know if I’ll ever get the hang of it.

I have my blog, Im content with that and I’ve thought of deleting everything else but I do use it to post pictures and keep in touch. What the fuck is a twenty something to do in the age of social media when you hate social networking.


Hippie-Dippie Post : Peace Out Negativity


So I’m on this bender, and by bender I don’t mean booze.  I’ve been doing my best to organize and simplify my life, but not going as far as stressing myself out.  I’ve conquered my closet (which is going to goodwill) as well as my work-space (at home – meaning my desk) and various other things.  The idea is, that to live simply and keep myself organized, I will keep my stress levels down.  So far it’s been working.


Laundry is no longer a dreaded nightmare, besides the folding of child clothes anyway.  My finances are in order and straight.  My yarn and needles are now all organized and starting a new project or searching for a certain color of yarn no longer makes me smell colors.  It helps.  The little things.  Organizing my coffee cups and donating the crap ones.  Tossing the lonely forever single socks and stacking my books.

So yesterday, I was browsing Facebook and I as I scrolled I realized how much pure and utter CRAP was on my timeline.  I’ve been bitching for WEEKS now that I’m fed up with the political bashing, that I’m fed up with whining, and significant others fighting on Facebook (while low blows really amuse me, it started to get painful to see).

So I kept scrolling.  Do I delete my Facebook?  Well no, my close knit circle of friends from CafeMom are on there, a few of them I talk to on Facebook first before the phone.  Do I spend the time blocking each post I dislike?  Uhm, lazy, and that requires me to not be lazy over the span of a few weeks, long enough for the posts to filter through.  So no.  Bam! (Insert politically charged gun control post) and I about threw my phone.

(For the record, I’m on the fence, I agree with both sides (and both of you need to stfu).  I don’t believe that gun control or lack there of is going to fix the loophole that exists in school safety, a PLAN will.  So shut the hell up.)

My blood pressure rose as I looked at the name.  Wait…. what?  Who is this person?  Well, they live in my town, but do I actually know them?  Maybe.  Are we friends?  No.  I kept scrolling, this time paying attention to names.  I couldn’t believe how many people on my “friends list” I didn’t actually know.

That became my mission for the evening.  Deleting people.  But why just stop at people I don’t know.  How about I delete acquaintances?  I mean, we never hang out, we have little in common, and when was the last time I even talked to you on here?  Gone.  Oh look, there’s that kid who was in my 3rd grade class!  Annnnd if I close my eyes… nope, can’t remember what you look like.  Gone.  So the weeding out began.  Then I realized, what about those people who post shit that pisses me off?  Well, unless you’re a close friend of mine, obviously if we have differing opinions to that degree, delete.

Note:  I didn’t just delete people who have a different opinion than me.  I deleted people who constantly argue with me with out anything to back it up.  I deleted people whom I have no relationship with or haven’t had in a long time, who post blatantly ignorant hateful things.

Facebook hasn’t been my favorite thing in a long time, but unfortunately I do rely on it to talk to long-distance friends and family.  After years of being on there, I just realized that I didn’t need to have people I met at a bar 3 years ago on there.  My Facebook is for my friends and my family.  It’s for my thoughts and articles, debates with friends and pictures of my kid.  It’s for that stupid fucking cat picture that cracks me up.  That’s it.  It’s not for hateful messages, arguments and drama.  It’s not for people I don’t know to have a peek into my life.

So 100+ people gone.

Today, I logged on and started scrolling on my lunch.  Instead of seeing Anti-Liberal / Anti-Conservative bullshit, I saw the update about my friends new baby (gorgeous by the way).  Instead of the “My boyfriends and Ass, I hate him” then two minutes later “He’s sooo sweet, he gave me flowers” from someone I can’t even remember meeting in real life?  I read a update from a close friend’s own store.  I read things I wanted to.  I was able to keep up with the people who mean something in my real-life.

It may seem pretty stupid to you, but clearing up that bit of social media was good to me.

Now look at yours, who’s looking at your pictures of your children?  Who’s reading your FourSquare check ins?  Do you really need to see that kid post ANOTHER picture of him smoking a bong?  You might, I don’t.