Freedom of the Press


Media in America (and of course around the world) has always been biased. Sure there are some sources that are more towards the middle, but you can usually put a media network on either the left or the right. This is nothing new, regardless of this administration or Obama’s.

Fox News was literally created to cater to conservatives. Here’s the Wikipedia page for the channel, with lots of information: Wiki – Fox News. So the news station was created to be biased. Whatever, that’s not why I’m writing, we already KNOW that Fox News is a Republican echo chamber.

What has caught my eyes in the past few days, is that Fox is catching the Fuhrer’s ire even without Shep poking the bear. How is that you say? Did they call him a traitor? Did they question his loyalty to America? Did they parade a guillotine on stage and slice the head off of a Trump mannequin? Nope. They dared to speak to a democrat the first time, now they gasp, are going to interview Comey.

You know. They’re going to do their damn jobs.

Trump Fox News 2

First off. Commiecast? Hahahahahahahah. Okay Boomer. Someone introduce this man to some real communists.

Second off: Most of you know my disdain for Fox News. Hell, I don’t like CNN or MSNBC either. I prefer fishing my information out of NPR and other mediums and researching to find out what I believe. Either way. Even if the networks themselves suck, there are decent journalists working for those networks, there are people who are doing their best to bring us the news as they know it.

Not to mention, what happened to Freedom of the Press? Whether Trump or the rest of his bootlickers, or any one else for that matter likes.. Freedom of the Press is still a fucking thing! It still covers Fox News, MSNBC, CNN and whomever else despite the USA falling to 45th in the Reporters Without Borders Press Freedom Index in 2018. 

Which brings me to another point I’d like to bring up. I keep hearing that the MAGA crowd is filled to the mother fucking brim with PATRIOTS™ who defend our constitution with their might rifles, bibles and flags right? That they’ll defend our country when we need it? They’ll defend our citizens? Fucking damn straight! What I’m trying to figure out, is why the fuck I only hear about them defending the 2nd amendment. Why the fuck am I hearing that they turn on anyone who has a differing opinion than Trump?

Why aren’t these so-called-patriots calling out Trump when he insults journalists? Why aren’t they defending the press? Why aren’t these so-called-patriots turning on Trump when he insulted a previous POW & War Hero? Hell, why aren’t these so-called-patriots offended that Trump skipped out on serving himself? Hell, aren’t these so-called-patriots realizing yet that their glorious leader is widening the deep divide in this country when he calls more than half of it’s citizens lazy, enemies of the states and liars? Spoiler: It’s because they’re not actually patriots. After this long? They’re just brainwashed in the least, racist hate-filled warmongers at the worst.

[Oh, and if one of you even thinks about sharing that god-awful newsweek article by Andy with me? Don’t bother. It’s propaganda. Look up Andy outside of Conservative circles. Every person he lists that died? Was a Leftist. Fuck Andy and Fuck Newsweek.]

It’s just a fucking shit show. When Trump first turned his attention to Fox News and belittled them, it was humorous. You know, they’re basically State Media. However, this far into the administration, where people are dying.. our government is refusing vaccinations to children held in it’s camps at the border.. our president is calling journalists the enemy on a regular basis.. we need the press. All of them. Even the biased asshole basically state media ones.