It’s been a loooong road.


I’ve been absent lately from the internet world.  The real world has been moving almost too fast for me to keep up, so I’ve been lacking in the posts as well as on Facebook and Twitter.  I’ve been even worse off at reading other people’s blogs, for which I sincerely apologize.  Life has been good though, just busy, as in super insane busy.  Honestly though, I like it when life is busy, it keeps me pushing forward and striving to meet new goals.  As always, the one thing that doesn’t change, I manage life’s problems and achieve my goals quicker if I have too much on my plate at once.  I don’t think that’ll ever change, some call it ADHD, some call it over-achieving… I call it Fuck-You-Life-I-Win.

So my little Buddha Butt had her birthday come and go, and let me tell you did this little girl get spoiled.  It looked (looks) like Hello Kitty puked in my house.  From lunchboxes to barrettes to stickers to outfits.  Helllllo Kitty.  Good Lord.  She got a new Easel from Beckie and her daughter Izzy, which she can now use with all her new art supplies (thanks Beck!).  And of course she got a new swim suit for our trip to the lake house… and got a kick out of wearing her life preserver.


The lake house was a welcome vacation, granted we only went for 3 days this time, and we’ll be going back a lot this summer, it was just needed.  3 days with my family made it all worth while.  I was getting a little overwhelmed with work, bills, and just general adult crap, so I enjoyed it.  I enjoyed spending time with my Dad even more.  I’m glad he finally has a piece of paradise, after all these years, he deserves it.  Seeing him happy, even if his happiness was chasing us on a jetski and laughing when I was thrown off, makes me happy.

Things with the house are really coming together.  We’ve got everything unpacked and organized to our liking.  Both kid’s rooms are set up and our room is almost done too.  Ryan has been working like crazy (when he’s not at actual work) on the yard and it’s looking really nice.  I’ve always been an outside-person, I’d much rather sit in my yard than inside the house.  Now?  I can look at a well-manicured lawn complete with all of my flowers (both old that he resurrected and new plants) and relax.  The house is feeling more like a home every day, especially since I’ve been filling it with people I love.

Life is good, busy but good.  My one goal though?  Work on my writing more, I’ve been writing like crazy in my physical journal, but I want to get on this blog better.  Especially at the current politics rolling around [Insert Evil Cackle Here].  Plus, now that evenings are calming down, I want to read more.  So I’ll be around you guys.  I’m back. :)