Impeachment Hearings: Just Testify Trump!


Rep. Pelosi Invites Trump to Testify

You know, at this point you’d think I’d be rolling around and basking in the circus that is the impeachment hearings. Spoiler alert: I’m not. To be honest, I’m watching them with true feelings of shame peppered with rage.

Rage at how Republican representatives have treated our ambassadors during proceedings, how our president has spoken about our ambassadors to foreign leaders, and how our president has used our people to benefit himself, instead of our nation.

At one point I found myself quickly looking up procedure to see if Rep. Elise Stefanik was allowed to speak in the beginning of the hearing.. just to make sure that Schiff wasn’t being a jack-off when he told her to quiet down. He wasn’t, and she went to Harvard, she knows this.. yet she’s been whining about it to the media and on Twitter in the days since. I figured this out via Google. She went to fucking Harvard. Elise can take several fucking seats and shut the fuck up. So can anyone else whining about how unfair Schiff is being. It’s called procedure. Fucking learn it.

I’ve been watching this shit show. Watching Nunes try again and again to out the whistle-blower despite laws designed to protect him/her, while the ambassadors describe people in Ukraine DYING as Trump played games with aid they needed trying to get just the tiniest bit of dirt on the Bidens. Just to be clear, the Bidens can jump into an active volcano for all I care, but it is NOT okay to use the power of the office of the POTUS for your own personal gain.

I almost screamed as I saw Trump tweet, let me rephrase, as I saw Trump live-tweet about Ambassador Yovanovitch and her career. As she was testifying about how he told Ukraine’s president that “things would happen to her” and how she felt threatened, he slammed her, in real time, and tried to nullify her life’s work.

Then despite saying he wasn’t even paying attention, proceeded to continue to tweet for the rest of the day.

So as Schiff did last week, Pelosi has invited Trump to testify. Now I know that the common thought process is that Trumps lawyers won’t let him because he will get up there and lie his way into a jail cell (or in this case impeachment). However, at this point, I think that the American people.. Democrat, Republican, Independent, [Insert whatever 3rd Party Here] deserve to hear him speak. Period.

We are all subjected to his rallies, where he rambles on about how stupid Nancy Pelosi is are and how bad [insert immigrants, chicago, NYC, California, MS13, etc] are and Sleepy Joe Biden, Do Nothing Dems blah blah blah.. and then he tweets 30 times a day with the same propaganda.. let him speak. Let him tell us.. in his own words, without a teleprompter what happened, what he did or didn’t do, and what he thinks. We deserve to hear it.. unfiltered.

If he’s going to say that Schiff is altering it, or the ambassadors are lying or don’t know what they’re talking about.. I want to hear him testify. I want to know why he thought it was justified to ask another nation to dig up dirt on his rival, despite having the proper channels to do it if it was indeed for national security. I want to know why he felt the need to bash an American citizen, an ambassador to a foreign leader. I want to know what “things” were going to happen to her. I want to know if he understands the whistle blower laws.

I want to hear him answer, personally, every single question congress has to ask him.

I know I won’t. I know we won’t though. He’s essentially a keyboard warrior, a stereotypical chicken. He hid from the draft, he hid from any real work in his entire life. He hides from any criticism in the real world, and then lashes out from twitter or his safe little rallies. He demands to face his accusers, and then hides behinds his phone.

I know one thing though. I’ve had enough.