Liberalism, Vote Shaming & Voting in America


This would have been the 5th presidential election I would’ve voted in. That’s right. I’m not sure I’m going to vote this November. Now, I know every single Liberal reading this just felt their heart rate speed up and eyes bulge out a bit. Fair warning: I don’t give a shit. 

There was more than a few years where I became, I guess you could say compliant. I voted for the “lesser evil”. I shut up and went to the polls, every single time and voted against my community’s interests, against my own morals and beliefs again and again.  There was always someone worse I was told I had to vote against, there were always reasons, oh so many reasons why I shouldn’t vote 3rd party or abstain from voting in protest. I bought them.

So I voted. I voted for the woman who I loathed, who can’t manage to stop meddling in politics even though she’s not running. I voted for the woman who is married to a sex pest, who to this day can’t stop blaming the situation and woman he took advantage of instead of shouldering the blame himself. I voted for the woman who still speaks out against Senator Sanders even though he rallied for her harder than she ever has for anyone else.

I voted for the man who killed more people than I even want to think about with Drone strikes and kept our men and women at war. I voted for the man who let me keep my insurance despite chronic illness, but made sure universal wasn’t possible and that I could never afford a policy. I voted for the man who is still influencing politics even though he is out and done. I voted for the man who built the cages for children at our border and I voted for the man who lets Trump bare the blame for that.

Those are just the cliff notes for the last three elections, and the issues that impact my community? They’re still there, they’re still the same, if not worse: 

It’s still a constant struggle just to find decent work. It doesn’t matter what any administration says the job numbers are. You could add 1 million jobs to the market, if those jobs only pay minimum wage and the minimum wage hasn’t budged in years, it doesn’t help anyone in the working class. Families will still have to work 2-3 jobs just to get by.

If we can’t afford our healthcare, we’re all just one prescription, one hospital stay or one diagnosis away from missing our rent payment. That’s all it takes. When you live paycheck to paycheck, your health is everything. Dental? Get out of here. Have you ever tried to get a root canal out of pocket? Just get the tooth pulled. Better yet? Take some percocet. Can’t see a doctor to get some? Get some from a friend. Need more? Buy some more. Develop a habit. See where I’m going?

Lets look at landlords. If you haven’t been paying attention, there was talk of a rent strike. 1/3 of all renters did not or could not pay rent on April 1st. Why was that? Well due to the pandemic, the vast majority of people are out of work. Of course the working class & working poor are affected disproportionately as we are far less likely to have money in savings. People with mortgage payments are far more likely to get assistance from their mortgage companies as most of them have plans in place to let you pause your payments. However, landlords are being.. well.. landlords and acting predatory and not ceasing rent. So all of these people who are renting, and are out of work suddenly have to pay rent but do not have the money to do so. Our country has no regulation in place for that. Predatory landlords just run free.

“Welfare”. I know a lot of you just raised your eyebrows. I can’t even have a beer at the bar without hearing someone complain about “Welfare Queens”. Our country cannot go 2 years without cuts to some sort of public assistance. Whether it be the WIC program, food stamps, housing assistance or even Medicare. If you haven’t noticed, people not having food, cash, or healthcare is detrimental to our public safety, economy, and health. The working class as a whole tends to work jobs that don’t offer health insurance or even a wage that allows you to pay both your bills and purchase food at the same time. So the safety net that is “Welfare” is necessary since wages haven’t gone up (see first point). Yet, cuts cuts cuts!!

There are many, many many more issues I could rant about. I could go on forever. I haven’t even touched on police brutality, or the prison systems yet… but I’m guessing you get the point. If you haven’t, you never will. These issues haven’t changed, at least not as long as I’ve been alive. They haven’t changed regardless of who is in office or who I vote for.

Beyond my community, take a look at our country and what we’ve done. Regardless of who is in office, we’re still bombing and drone striking innocents. It’s still blood for oil no matter who sits in the White House, Democrat or Republican. Hell, the Democrats are the ones who built the damn cages at our border (yes, it’s true, no it’s not fake news, no, I don’t care if you don’t believe it). People still have mass amounts of student debt, live on the streets, die of starvation, drug addiction or can’t afford their medication under both Democrats and Republicans…

… and people are shitting on Leftists because we’re tired of voting for them. 

Let me go ahead and correct that. Liberals are shitting on Leftists because we’re tired of voting for them.

Not only that, but they’re trying to shame us into voting for Biden. I’ve spent the last few months being told that they don’t “need my vote” or to “fuck off” when I’ve brought up that he has a rape allegation against him, or his racist as fuck past, or his anti-LGBTQ+ past, or his questionable standing when it comes to women’s rights or or or or.. the list goes on.

When I ask people why they’re voting for him, barely anyone can actually give me a policy they like, it’s usually just some line about how he’ll put the next Supreme Court Justice up (which, Bidens damn near center.. why would I give a shit about that? He’s NOT going to elect anyone who sways the court either way.) or some mutterings about how he’s “not Trump”.

When I bring up anything I’ve written here, or the fact that I’m not comfortable voting for a man with a rape allegation against him, it instantly turns into “not voting or a 3rd party vote is a vote for Trump.” No. NO. Voting for Trump is voting for Trump. Voting for Trump is voting for everything above. Voting for Biden is voting for everything above. Abstaining from voting is simply that, and also your right. Voting for a 3rd party member, is literally your right as an American.

Read that last part again.

Do it again.

One more fucking time.

Liberals need to get off their high fucking horses and just stop. STOP. A lot of us voted for your candidates for years, only to be shit on each time when things didn’t go your way. Now, when it matters, and we tell you we’re done? You try to shame us into voting for your candidate. Fuck off. Put forth some policies that we actually agree with, oh and maybe a candidate that doesn’t have a rape allegation, just as a starter. Otherwise? It doesn’t matter.

Those of you crowing about how Trump will destroy America? Sure, maybe he will. However, Biden has a pretty good chance of doing that too. Just ask everyone who is poor, incarcerated, starving, dying of a treatable disease, hiding from ICE, fighting fascism in this country. It’s all the same shit, just a different face, and a different twitter handle. If you want to do something different, maybe YOU should look into voting 3rd party and throw away that pink pussy hat.