Intolerance and Hate


I had “friended” someone on Facebook that I knew as a child.  She was one of my mother’s friends and I looked up to her after my mom passed away.  I lost touch with her for years and the wonderful world of Facebook brought us back together.

Unfortunately the line that is drawn between us is way to great and I had to delete her.  Our political stances and morals/beliefs are too far apart and I can’t deal with that.  I’d say we’re polar opposites like me and my wonderful friend Em are,  but it’s beyond that.  I’m middle-left-leaning.  She’s so far right, I swear Obama turned gay and personally shat in her Wheaties

As most of you know two very important bills are up today that involves same-sex marriage and rights.  As most of you (should) know, I am FOR equal rights.  I acknowledge that in Christianity marriage is between a man and a woman, but I also realize that not all people are Christian.  Not all people think that way.  Frankly, I believe that marriage is between love and love.  If there so happen to be two penises in the equation, it doesn’t bother me.  If there happens to be two vaginas involved, fuck yes.

Anyway, so in my support of the gay community, I changed my profile picture and posted this:

Booyah bitches.

Booyah bitches.


… among other things.  Well, it attracted my mother’s friend.  Her response was to compare same sex marriage to pedophilia.  Yeah.  I’m not cool with that.  I am not even going to waste time to type why I’m not cool with that.  If you don’t know the difference between pedophilia and a same-sex relationship, or think there is any kind of comparison or lead to pedophilia, you honestly shouldn’t be reading my blog.  Or on my Facebook.  Or anywhere near my corner of the internet/county/state.

I informed her that I thought it was a disgusting comparison and was met with several links to articles about pedophilia and nasty groups that are for it.  Needless to say I told her she was a bigot and filled with hate, and that does not belong on my page, or in my life.  I stopped responding and calmed down with a friend over the phone.  Once I calmed down, I un-friended her.

Not only am I offended by her, or appalled might be more of a correct term.. but I am saddened.  I thought that maybe I could learn more of my mother through her.  I have my dad of course, but no one knows a woman like another woman.  I looked forward to selfishly getting something out the relationship but ended up with hate filling my page.

It’s odd.  I’ve always known about the bigots and the racists and such.  Hell, I’ve run into them out in every day life, but to find out someone that you looked up to and looked to as a child has such hatred in her heart is hard to swallow.  I don’t blame it on Christianity at all either, so don’t start that nonsense.  I know that most Christians aren’t like that, but it’s still hard to wrap my head around.

So I guess this is it.  Sorry Mom, I had to delete your friend.  I’m glad you’re not here anymore because I’d have to ask you what the hell you were thinking in the first place.


The Political Line


I am, more often than not, involved in some ridiculous political debate somewhere.  I am interested in politics and more dangerously, I am always one to voice my opinion.

My political views vary, you could almost say Im politically bipolar. Im called a dirty hippy liberal, an undercover conservative, or more realistically, independent.  More times than not, I vote democrat for the bigger picture and republican locally.

I am pro-choice. I do not like abortion, I do not like the thought of ending a life or the prospect of one anyway.  I believe adoption is a better option, but I also believe it is up to each individual woman to make that decision.  It’s our bodies and therefore our morals and beliefs that should lead us, not a government mandate.

I am for control to an extent.  Do I think that guns should be outlawed? Absolutely not. I come from a family that hunts ( for food not sport ) and I believe we have the right to protect ourselves and our families. I believe in concealed carry.  I believe crime would eventually drop if concealed carry was the norm. I also believe that assault rifles are not needed and dangerous. No argument can change my mind.  I believe that there should be background checks to purchase a gun, sorry but if youve been convicted of a violent crime … you dont need a gun.
I believe in regular drug tests for anyone who receives state assistance.  I believe that if you’re too broke to provide for your family that you’re too broke to do drugs. I do believe in assistance to help get back on your feet.

I believe in a lot of things, and so do most of you.  I enjoy a good debate because I might learn something new or consider a side I hadnt been aware of before. 

However, lately I’ve been withdrawing from debates. They’ve gone from fun and educational to hateful and angry.  Since Obama took office 4 years ago, the line dividing this country by it’s two major parties has gotten deeper.  There has been a lot of resentment which in turn spurs arguments and attacks.

To see the country so divided so unwilling to compromise is depressing.  The is no discussion, it seems, to learn opposing views. There is no live and let live or live and work together.  Its red vs. blue with little middle ground. Our country is tearing itself apart from the inside out.

One of my closest friends is my political opposite.  We often debate and even though, more often than not we dont agree 100%, we come to a civil compromise and quite often a feasible solution.  So I KNOW its possible for opposing sides to come to an agreement and work together, you just have to remove the hate from the equation.

Im not going to hate someone because they’re pro-life or anti-gun regulation. Fuck, this economy sucks and more people than you know have or still are using some sort of state assistance.  We all are still human beings with the ability to listen and work together. Why dont we use it instead of spewing hateful bullshit?

Because let me tell you, at this rate it wont be terrorism that destroys this country…. it will be us.

Politics: Bring Out the Asses


Okay, ya’ll know that I’m one of the first people to stir the pot when it comes to politics.  I love to debate, and more importantly, I love learning new information and fact-checking.  There is nothing, nothing, more entertaining to me than sitting down for coffee and talking politics, especially in the fall.  Politics: Just because you don’t have interest in them, doesn’t mean politics won’t take interest in you.

I am a self-described Liberal, even though Emily has sworn in the past that I have some very conservative streaks running through me.  I don’t really side with either of the main parties 100%, and more likely than not my ballot swings both ways.  Regardless, I pay attention to politics, form my own opinions and research what I can.  Admittedly, there are some things that I don’t particularly have a opinion on, but I try to be informed.

However, every once in a while I get in a tiff when it comes to debate.  I am part of several forums as well as online “groups” where we all debate.  With out fail, eventually someone comes out of the woodwork and picks a fight.  It turns into “Well, this happened because of YOU DIRTY LIBERALS.”  *rolls eyes*  I’m the first to admit that I’m wrong, or I’m unsure of the answer, however, the name calling is pretty pathetic.  I have no problem reading articles, facts, studies, statistics that you post to back up your claim, I actually enjoy it.  I like to see if people can change my opinion, but to resort to finger pointing and ranting online isn’t getting anyone anywhere.

Every year, every election I wonder to myself, what happened to agree to disagree?  We all have the ability to form our own opinions, why is it so bad if someone’s opinions vary from yours?  Just because I am in favor of ObamaCare doesn’t mean that I dislike you because you’re not.  Just because you’re pro-life and cheering Illinois’s decision re: the morning after pill, doesn’t mean that I won’t pour you another cup of coffee.

The point of politics, elections, etc (okay, guys no conspiracy shit right now.) is to give us a chance to voice our opinions, to stand up for what we believe in, and most importantly, form our own thoughts and opinions on what we believe is right, wrong, moral or otherwise.  Not all of us are going to agree, hell, bring up the CPS strike and I’ll irritate the hell out of some liberals, but that’s the point.  We’re different. We’re going to have different views.  You believe and support yours, I’ll stand for mine.

I guess my long-winded point is : Agree to disagree.  Back up your facts and stop name calling.  You can call me a dirty liberal all you like, but it doesn’t make anyone look more intelligent.

Oh.  And Emily, if you’re reading this… you need to move here.  I need someone to debate with.