Support the Younger Generations


High School Senior Running for Mayor in Palos Park

A high school senior is running for mayor in a town about 45 minutes south of me. I came across this article on good ole’ Facebook yesterday and was thrilled. Someone that young, still in school, is running for mayor. That’s impressive to me, even more so that the current mayor had congratulated the 18 year old, and is happy he has an interest in and wants to get involved with politics.

I clicked on the comments and was taken aback to put it lightly.

Screenshot 2019-03-29 at 7.52.18 PM

I don’t know. Everyone is always dogging kids to do something with their lives. Be a doctor, be a lawyer, be a politician! Yet once the younger generation actually DOES something, the older generations dogs them down. Then I came across this one, don’t mind the font change because as usual I was switching between my chromebook and my phone. I had also blocked out her name as one of my friends pointed out, I’m used to posting on Reddit.


As you can see, especially being in a relationship with a veteran who joined when he was pretty young as well as living next to a naval base complete with bootcamp, I was a little bit irritated. My parents generation cheered loudly as their children enlisted pre and post 9/11 to defend our country and go to war. Recruiters came and enticed high school kids regularly, and in smaller towns the military sometimes seems like the only option. There’s freaking parades, banners, and occasionally the flag draped coffin of a young man or woman who didn’t make it home alive.


Lets go ahead and touch on her next comment first. When people were married and raising families at 21, they also could work part time at McDonald’s to make it through a 4 year degree at college. Hell. You could work full time at McDonald’s to support your entire family and buy a house. I hate that comparison. It is a literal FACT that pay rates have NOT risen in tune with costs of every day life and education. (My $57,0000 in student debt, despite TWO jobs is proof of that.) Then of course you have the social constructs of today. Years ago, my parents and their parents and further back, if you wanted to get married at 18 or 21, your parent’s just kind of shrugged. Now a days? Our parents, and those of the younger generation EXPLODE if we think of getting married at 21 (rightfully so.. as my ex-husband from when I was 21 sets a great example). So by the urging of HER generation, this generation is already failing her standards.

Now on to her next comment. “If this is the old enough to go to war results…. can I laugh now as most are”. What. The. Fuck. To say I lost my fucking temper on her, is putting it mildly. It ranged from calling her an “armchair warrior” to telling her to shut up and wish she had done something as useful with her life as our men and women and the man running for his local public office.

I am so god damned tired of the older generations shitting on my generation and and the ones younger than me. Nothing we do is ever good enough. Nothing. After my generation was pushed into college because “that’s the only way you’re going to make good money as an adult” and graduated with thousands of dollars of debt, some of us not even able to find jobs above $15/hour, we were told we were stupid for getting degrees we couldn’t afford. Or worse, degrees in things our generation has no business being in. When my generation and the ones after us enlisted to serve our country, to protect windbags like the lady above, they came home with PTSD and worse to face scrutiny from the same people who cheered them on. So when the younger generations finally get off our collective asses and decide, hey! We deserve a say in politics too! This woman hops in her stuffed chair, gathers her toy poodle and trashes them.

We have a 29 year old woman in CONGRESS. We have an 18 year old running for mayor. That is absolutely AMAZING! Where else are they going to get political office experience? My Mom put it best last week. “It’s time for your generation to vote out the old men and get people your own age in there!” (fact: she is a staunch conservative) So we do it! Our generation is getting involved in our own future, and dickbags like those above shit all over it.

You shouldn’t care if they are in the opposite party of you. You should care, you should be proud that young people are doing something more meaningful with their lives, you should be proud they are getting involved in their own communities. If you don’t, I’m going to start punching people who ask why we aren’t doing anything if we don’t like the way our country is going. I will throat punch the next person who says my generation and the ones below me does nothing but eat tide pods.. because every time the “kids” try.. we get shot down.

We should be encouraging our children, like the young man from my state’s parents are. We should be cheering them on from the sidelines! Not making comments on whether or not he knows how to do his own laundry (side note: holy shit, can we go ahead and point out how many men didn’t know how to do laundry in our parents generation, their parents?!). We should be helping them campaign. We should be encouraging more to run!

If anything, Trump did prove one thing. You don’t have to have any experience in politics to jump in. Everyone has to start somewhere, and it’s time people start respecting the younger generations, and encouraging them. After all, we all will inherit the world.