The Political Line


I am, more often than not, involved in some ridiculous political debate somewhere.  I am interested in politics and more dangerously, I am always one to voice my opinion.

My political views vary, you could almost say Im politically bipolar. Im called a dirty hippy liberal, an undercover conservative, or more realistically, independent.  More times than not, I vote democrat for the bigger picture and republican locally.

I am pro-choice. I do not like abortion, I do not like the thought of ending a life or the prospect of one anyway.¬† I believe adoption is a better option, but I also believe it is up to each individual woman to make that decision.¬† It’s our bodies and therefore our morals and beliefs that should lead us, not a government mandate.

I am for control to an extent.¬† Do I think that guns should be outlawed? Absolutely not. I come from a family that hunts ( for food not sport ) and I believe we have the right to protect ourselves and our families. I believe in concealed carry.¬† I believe crime would eventually drop if concealed carry was the norm. I also believe that assault rifles are not needed and dangerous. No argument can change my mind.¬† I believe that there should be background checks to purchase a gun, sorry but if youve been convicted of a violent crime … you dont need a gun.
I believe in regular drug tests for anyone who receives state assistance.¬† I believe that if you’re too broke to provide for your family that you’re too broke to do drugs. I do believe in assistance to help get back on your feet.

I believe in a lot of things, and so do most of you.  I enjoy a good debate because I might learn something new or consider a side I hadnt been aware of before. 

However, lately I’ve been withdrawing from debates. They’ve gone from fun and educational to hateful and angry.¬† Since Obama took office 4 years ago, the line dividing this country by it’s two major parties has gotten deeper.¬† There has been a lot of resentment which in turn spurs arguments and attacks.

To see the country so divided so unwilling to compromise is depressing.  The is no discussion, it seems, to learn opposing views. There is no live and let live or live and work together.  Its red vs. blue with little middle ground. Our country is tearing itself apart from the inside out.

One of my closest friends is my political opposite.  We often debate and even though, more often than not we dont agree 100%, we come to a civil compromise and quite often a feasible solution.  So I KNOW its possible for opposing sides to come to an agreement and work together, you just have to remove the hate from the equation.

Im not going to hate someone because they’re pro-life or anti-gun regulation. Fuck, this economy sucks and more people than you know have or still are using some sort of state assistance.¬† We all are still human beings with the ability to listen and work together. Why dont we use it instead of spewing hateful bullshit?

Because let me tell you, at this rate it wont be terrorism that destroys this country…. it will be us.


Hippie-Dippie Post : Peace Out Negativity


So I’m on this bender, and by bender I don’t mean booze. ¬†I’ve been doing my best to organize and simplify my life, but not going as far as stressing myself out. ¬†I’ve conquered my closet (which is going to goodwill) as well as my work-space (at home – meaning my desk) and various other things. ¬†The idea is, that to live simply and keep myself organized, I will keep my stress levels down. ¬†So far it’s been working.


Laundry is no longer a dreaded nightmare, besides the folding of child clothes anyway.  My finances are in order and straight.  My yarn and needles are now all organized and starting a new project or searching for a certain color of yarn no longer makes me smell colors.  It helps.  The little things.  Organizing my coffee cups and donating the crap ones.  Tossing the lonely forever single socks and stacking my books.

So yesterday, I was browsing¬†Facebook¬†and I as I scrolled I realized how much pure and utter CRAP was on my timeline. ¬†I’ve been bitching for¬†WEEKS now that I’m fed up with the political bashing, that I’m fed up with whining, and significant others fighting on¬†Facebook¬†(while low blows really amuse me, it started to get painful to see).

So I kept scrolling.  Do I delete my Facebook?  Well no, my close knit circle of friends from CafeMom are on there, a few of them I talk to on Facebook first before the phone.  Do I spend the time blocking each post I dislike?  Uhm, lazy, and that requires me to not be lazy over the span of a few weeks, long enough for the posts to filter through.  So no.  Bam! (Insert politically charged gun control post) and I about threw my phone.

(For the record, I’m on the fence, I agree with both sides (and both of you need to stfu). ¬†I don’t believe that gun control or lack there of is going to fix the loophole that exists in school safety, a PLAN will. ¬†So shut the hell up.)

My blood pressure rose as I looked at the name. ¬†Wait…. what? ¬†Who is¬†this person? ¬†Well, they live in my town, but do I actually know them? ¬†Maybe. ¬†Are we friends? ¬†No. ¬†I kept scrolling, this time paying attention to names. ¬†I couldn’t believe how many people on my “friends list” I didn’t actually know.

That became my mission for the evening. ¬†Deleting people. ¬†But why just stop at people I don’t know. ¬†How about I delete¬†acquaintances? ¬†I mean, we never hang out, we have little in common, and when was the last time I even talked to you on here? ¬†Gone. ¬†Oh look, there’s that kid who was in my 3rd grade class! ¬†Annnnd if I close my eyes… nope, can’t remember what you look like. ¬†Gone. ¬†So the weeding out began. ¬†Then I realized, what about those people who post shit that pisses me off? ¬†Well, unless you’re a close friend of mine, obviously if we have differing opinions to¬†that¬†degree, delete.

Note: ¬†I didn’t just delete people who have a different opinion than me. ¬†I deleted people who constantly argue with me with out anything to back it up. ¬†I deleted people whom I have no relationship with or haven’t had in a long time, who post¬†blatantly¬†ignorant hateful things.

Facebook hasn’t been my favorite thing in a long time, but unfortunately I do rely on it to talk to long-distance friends and family. ¬†After years of being on there, I just realized that I didn’t need to have people I met at a bar 3 years ago on there. ¬†My Facebook is for my friends and my family. ¬†It’s for my thoughts and articles, debates with friends and pictures of my kid. ¬†It’s for that stupid fucking cat picture that cracks me up. ¬†That’s it. ¬†It’s not for hateful messages, arguments and drama. ¬†It’s not for people I don’t know to have a peek into my life.

So 100+ people gone.

Today, I logged on and started scrolling on my lunch. ¬†Instead of seeing Anti-Liberal / Anti-Conservative bullshit, I saw the update about my friends new baby (gorgeous by the way). ¬†Instead of the “My boyfriends and Ass, I hate him” then two minutes later “He’s sooo sweet, he gave me flowers” from someone I can’t even remember meeting in real life? ¬†I read a update from a close friend’s own store. ¬†I read things I wanted to. ¬†I was able to keep up with the people who mean something in my real-life.

It may seem pretty stupid to you, but clearing up that bit of social media was good to me.

Now look at yours, who’s looking at your pictures of your children? ¬†Who’s reading your FourSquare check ins? ¬†Do you really need to see that kid post ANOTHER picture of him smoking a bong? ¬†You might, I don’t.