Nationalism, Fascism & the USA


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My stance on the government has been the same since I was a teenager: The People control government. We are allowed to question, investigate, and even disapprove of our government and our politicians that hold seats with in it. Always.

This includes any investigations into the president, secretary of state, all the way down to local treasurer. The government works for the citizens, period. So now, after the conclusion of the Russia Probe by Robert Mueller, before the results have been released, our president and his cronies are cawing that the report was “Treasonous”, and in r/the_donald, people are literally calling for the Republicans and Democrats that took part in the probe to be hanged for treason. 

These are the same people who cheered when Hilary Clinton was investigated, who chant for her to be investigated again, who demanded she be locked up, even after she was found innocent of such accusations.

Yet, when the President, (who seems an awful lot like their messiah) is accused of treasonous activities and miscellaneous crimes those same people are screeching. They are convinced that it’s unconstitutional, treason, and unpatriotic. The President of the United States keeps calling those investigators and anyone who reports on it the Enemy of the State. The only thing that is different? Who is being investigated. When it’s the President? We start hearing rhetoric that sounds an awful lot like fascism.

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I don’t understand, and to be frank, I’m scared. You should be too. There is a certain kind of government that demonizes those who speak against it. When any sort of opposition becomes “an attempted coup”, we start toeing the line we fought an entire war to avoid. When the President starts talking about silencing the media, whom risks their lives to bring us current events and information, we goose step right into a fascist state.

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Another footstep towards this is the conversation about Nationalism and White Nationalism that is taking place now. If you’ve read my recent blog post, you’ve seen what I’ve written about White Nationalism thriving in the USA right now. Hell, all you have to do is turn on the tv. From within the MAGA camp, from senators to Fox News, you have the argument that Nationalism is a needed component of being a US Citizen. Yet Nationalism often leads to racism, which leads to all sorts of nasty things we learned in the 1930s and 1940s. To justify Nationalism (which is one of the first steps into fascism) they ignorantly confuse patriotism with it.

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All of a sudden it’s “patriotic” to want to keep immigrants out (notably it’s only the brown immigrants). You hear the arguments that “they don’t know english” (we don’t have a national language), or that they don’t assimilate to our customs and culture. Make America Great Again, seems to correlate directly with Make America White Again.

When Nationalism = Patriotism, the end result is Fascism.

EDIT: I took a break from writing, scrolled twitter and found this:

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Regardless of whom you agree with on border security, it is DANGEROUS territory to accuse people of treason because they disagree with you.

So here we are folks. We are stepping over the line into Fascist territory, and something needs to change. Now. I’m sorry this blog is so scatter brained, but I just don’t know what to think anymore. What I do know, is that our children will read about this era in their text books, and it’s going to rival the civil war. Most importantly, that a large number of our citizens will be on the wrong side of history.


Support the Younger Generations


High School Senior Running for Mayor in Palos Park

A high school senior is running for mayor in a town about 45 minutes south of me. I came across this article on good ole’ Facebook yesterday and was thrilled. Someone that young, still in school, is running for mayor. That’s impressive to me, even more so that the current mayor had congratulated the 18 year old, and is happy he has an interest in and wants to get involved with politics.

I clicked on the comments and was taken aback to put it lightly.

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I don’t know. Everyone is always dogging kids to do something with their lives. Be a doctor, be a lawyer, be a politician! Yet once the younger generation actually DOES something, the older generations dogs them down. Then I came across this one, don’t mind the font change because as usual I was switching between my chromebook and my phone. I had also blocked out her name as one of my friends pointed out, I’m used to posting on Reddit.


As you can see, especially being in a relationship with a veteran who joined when he was pretty young as well as living next to a naval base complete with bootcamp, I was a little bit irritated. My parents generation cheered loudly as their children enlisted pre and post 9/11 to defend our country and go to war. Recruiters came and enticed high school kids regularly, and in smaller towns the military sometimes seems like the only option. There’s freaking parades, banners, and occasionally the flag draped coffin of a young man or woman who didn’t make it home alive.


Lets go ahead and touch on her next comment first. When people were married and raising families at 21, they also could work part time at McDonald’s to make it through a 4 year degree at college. Hell. You could work full time at McDonald’s to support your entire family and buy a house. I hate that comparison. It is a literal FACT that pay rates have NOT risen in tune with costs of every day life and education. (My $57,0000 in student debt, despite TWO jobs is proof of that.) Then of course you have the social constructs of today. Years ago, my parents and their parents and further back, if you wanted to get married at 18 or 21, your parent’s just kind of shrugged. Now a days? Our parents, and those of the younger generation EXPLODE if we think of getting married at 21 (rightfully so.. as my ex-husband from when I was 21 sets a great example). So by the urging of HER generation, this generation is already failing her standards.

Now on to her next comment. “If this is the old enough to go to war results…. can I laugh now as most are”. What. The. Fuck. To say I lost my fucking temper on her, is putting it mildly. It ranged from calling her an “armchair warrior” to telling her to shut up and wish she had done something as useful with her life as our men and women and the man running for his local public office.

I am so god damned tired of the older generations shitting on my generation and and the ones younger than me. Nothing we do is ever good enough. Nothing. After my generation was pushed into college because “that’s the only way you’re going to make good money as an adult” and graduated with thousands of dollars of debt, some of us not even able to find jobs above $15/hour, we were told we were stupid for getting degrees we couldn’t afford. Or worse, degrees in things our generation has no business being in. When my generation and the ones after us enlisted to serve our country, to protect windbags like the lady above, they came home with PTSD and worse to face scrutiny from the same people who cheered them on. So when the younger generations finally get off our collective asses and decide, hey! We deserve a say in politics too! This woman hops in her stuffed chair, gathers her toy poodle and trashes them.

We have a 29 year old woman in CONGRESS. We have an 18 year old running for mayor. That is absolutely AMAZING! Where else are they going to get political office experience? My Mom put it best last week. “It’s time for your generation to vote out the old men and get people your own age in there!” (fact: she is a staunch conservative) So we do it! Our generation is getting involved in our own future, and dickbags like those above shit all over it.

You shouldn’t care if they are in the opposite party of you. You should care, you should be proud that young people are doing something more meaningful with their lives, you should be proud they are getting involved in their own communities. If you don’t, I’m going to start punching people who ask why we aren’t doing anything if we don’t like the way our country is going. I will throat punch the next person who says my generation and the ones below me does nothing but eat tide pods.. because every time the “kids” try.. we get shot down.

We should be encouraging our children, like the young man from my state’s parents are. We should be cheering them on from the sidelines! Not making comments on whether or not he knows how to do his own laundry (side note: holy shit, can we go ahead and point out how many men didn’t know how to do laundry in our parents generation, their parents?!). We should be helping them campaign. We should be encouraging more to run!

If anything, Trump did prove one thing. You don’t have to have any experience in politics to jump in. Everyone has to start somewhere, and it’s time people start respecting the younger generations, and encouraging them. After all, we all will inherit the world.

Blind Leading the Blind, Bigoted Encouraging the Ignorant


What strange times we live in now. We have a (unsuccessful) TV personality for president (shout out to The Arnold, we took you for granted as a politician!), literal Nazis that are marching the streets, right-wing media bashing the people who stand against them, and a prospective wall to be built at our southern border reminiscent of the infamous Berlin Wall.

I’m strangely nostalgic for the days where all I had to complain about were drone strikes and whether it was appropriate enough for the president to wear a beige suit. (Jk about the last one) Who knew that a few short years later we would have a president who calls the media (who is important enough that we included them in our constitution) and a large section of our citizens an Enemy of the People or an Enemy of the State.

Screenshot 2019-02-17 at 6.22.10 PM

When all of this started, I immediately looked around to my peers, expecting outrage and was shocked to see just under half of them, just under half of our citizens cheering. At first, I figured Trump’s rhetoric would die down when he won* the election. When David Duke publicly came out in support of Donald Trump, I wondered if that would be enough. When Donald Trump referred to the Charlottesville protests which included LITERAL NAZIS, and ended with a wonderful girl losing her life with this:

“I think there is blame on both sides,”

“You had some very bad people in that group,” Trump said, referring to the white nationalist groups rallying against removal of a Confederate statue. “But you also had people that were very fine people, on both sides.”

I looked around, I looked at the generations before me who had literally FOUGHT Nazis in WW2, and was simply.. shocked? Shocked that they were applauding this man as president.

(*via electoral college, which some including myself believe needs to be abolished. Trump lost the popular vote.)

We are in the times where our country’s figurehead name calls his fellow politicians, congressmen and other nation’s leaders on TWITTER. This is the day and age, where we find out that his administration is enacting a “National Emergency” on our southern border via a tweet, with a shotty screenshot of the Notes App on an Apple Device.

Screenshot 2019-02-17 at 6.35.46 PM

Of course people are speaking out about it. However, a portion of our country isn’t. They are perfectly content in their armchairs while our sitting president is using the guise of a National Emergency to get funding for a border wall that congress (the purse) didn’t grant him. These people are okay sitting back and letting this man misuse that option because he didn’t get his way and 2 years in, hasn’t fufilled some stupid campaign promise. These are the same people who had a stroke over every move President Obama made, ranging from his declarations of National Emergency, to the First Lady wearing a sleeveless shirt.

(I’m going to go ahead and include a link with information regarding previous presidents’ national emergencies:

These past few years we’ve gone back further in time than we ever had before. Women’s right to choose, equal rights for LGBTQ+, and many other things are all in danger. Our country has become a laughing stock for the rest of the world, we have people literally laughing at our president, to his face, at conferences. We have Nazis holding public office and every day people retweeting far right, extremist, racist, sexist groups like The Proud Boys. It’s the blind leading the blind. The bigots leading the ignorant.

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m not sure voting is enough anymore.



Intolerance and Hate


I had “friended” someone on Facebook that I knew as a child.  She was one of my mother’s friends and I looked up to her after my mom passed away.  I lost touch with her for years and the wonderful world of Facebook brought us back together.

Unfortunately the line that is drawn between us is way to great and I had to delete her.  Our political stances and morals/beliefs are too far apart and I can’t deal with that.  I’d say we’re polar opposites like me and my wonderful friend Em are,  but it’s beyond that.  I’m middle-left-leaning.  She’s so far right, I swear Obama turned gay and personally shat in her Wheaties

As most of you know two very important bills are up today that involves same-sex marriage and rights.  As most of you (should) know, I am FOR equal rights.  I acknowledge that in Christianity marriage is between a man and a woman, but I also realize that not all people are Christian.  Not all people think that way.  Frankly, I believe that marriage is between love and love.  If there so happen to be two penises in the equation, it doesn’t bother me.  If there happens to be two vaginas involved, fuck yes.

Anyway, so in my support of the gay community, I changed my profile picture and posted this:

Booyah bitches.

Booyah bitches.


… among other things.  Well, it attracted my mother’s friend.  Her response was to compare same sex marriage to pedophilia.  Yeah.  I’m not cool with that.  I am not even going to waste time to type why I’m not cool with that.  If you don’t know the difference between pedophilia and a same-sex relationship, or think there is any kind of comparison or lead to pedophilia, you honestly shouldn’t be reading my blog.  Or on my Facebook.  Or anywhere near my corner of the internet/county/state.

I informed her that I thought it was a disgusting comparison and was met with several links to articles about pedophilia and nasty groups that are for it.  Needless to say I told her she was a bigot and filled with hate, and that does not belong on my page, or in my life.  I stopped responding and calmed down with a friend over the phone.  Once I calmed down, I un-friended her.

Not only am I offended by her, or appalled might be more of a correct term.. but I am saddened.  I thought that maybe I could learn more of my mother through her.  I have my dad of course, but no one knows a woman like another woman.  I looked forward to selfishly getting something out the relationship but ended up with hate filling my page.

It’s odd.  I’ve always known about the bigots and the racists and such.  Hell, I’ve run into them out in every day life, but to find out someone that you looked up to and looked to as a child has such hatred in her heart is hard to swallow.  I don’t blame it on Christianity at all either, so don’t start that nonsense.  I know that most Christians aren’t like that, but it’s still hard to wrap my head around.

So I guess this is it.  Sorry Mom, I had to delete your friend.  I’m glad you’re not here anymore because I’d have to ask you what the hell you were thinking in the first place.

The Political Line


I am, more often than not, involved in some ridiculous political debate somewhere.  I am interested in politics and more dangerously, I am always one to voice my opinion.

My political views vary, you could almost say Im politically bipolar. Im called a dirty hippy liberal, an undercover conservative, or more realistically, independent.  More times than not, I vote democrat for the bigger picture and republican locally.

I am pro-choice. I do not like abortion, I do not like the thought of ending a life or the prospect of one anyway.  I believe adoption is a better option, but I also believe it is up to each individual woman to make that decision.  It’s our bodies and therefore our morals and beliefs that should lead us, not a government mandate.

I am for control to an extent.  Do I think that guns should be outlawed? Absolutely not. I come from a family that hunts ( for food not sport ) and I believe we have the right to protect ourselves and our families. I believe in concealed carry.  I believe crime would eventually drop if concealed carry was the norm. I also believe that assault rifles are not needed and dangerous. No argument can change my mind.  I believe that there should be background checks to purchase a gun, sorry but if youve been convicted of a violent crime … you dont need a gun.
I believe in regular drug tests for anyone who receives state assistance.  I believe that if you’re too broke to provide for your family that you’re too broke to do drugs. I do believe in assistance to help get back on your feet.

I believe in a lot of things, and so do most of you.  I enjoy a good debate because I might learn something new or consider a side I hadnt been aware of before. 

However, lately I’ve been withdrawing from debates. They’ve gone from fun and educational to hateful and angry.  Since Obama took office 4 years ago, the line dividing this country by it’s two major parties has gotten deeper.  There has been a lot of resentment which in turn spurs arguments and attacks.

To see the country so divided so unwilling to compromise is depressing.  The is no discussion, it seems, to learn opposing views. There is no live and let live or live and work together.  Its red vs. blue with little middle ground. Our country is tearing itself apart from the inside out.

One of my closest friends is my political opposite.  We often debate and even though, more often than not we dont agree 100%, we come to a civil compromise and quite often a feasible solution.  So I KNOW its possible for opposing sides to come to an agreement and work together, you just have to remove the hate from the equation.

Im not going to hate someone because they’re pro-life or anti-gun regulation. Fuck, this economy sucks and more people than you know have or still are using some sort of state assistance.  We all are still human beings with the ability to listen and work together. Why dont we use it instead of spewing hateful bullshit?

Because let me tell you, at this rate it wont be terrorism that destroys this country…. it will be us.

Politics: Bring Out the Asses


Okay, ya’ll know that I’m one of the first people to stir the pot when it comes to politics.  I love to debate, and more importantly, I love learning new information and fact-checking.  There is nothing, nothing, more entertaining to me than sitting down for coffee and talking politics, especially in the fall.  Politics: Just because you don’t have interest in them, doesn’t mean politics won’t take interest in you.

I am a self-described Liberal, even though Emily has sworn in the past that I have some very conservative streaks running through me.  I don’t really side with either of the main parties 100%, and more likely than not my ballot swings both ways.  Regardless, I pay attention to politics, form my own opinions and research what I can.  Admittedly, there are some things that I don’t particularly have a opinion on, but I try to be informed.

However, every once in a while I get in a tiff when it comes to debate.  I am part of several forums as well as online “groups” where we all debate.  With out fail, eventually someone comes out of the woodwork and picks a fight.  It turns into “Well, this happened because of YOU DIRTY LIBERALS.”  *rolls eyes*  I’m the first to admit that I’m wrong, or I’m unsure of the answer, however, the name calling is pretty pathetic.  I have no problem reading articles, facts, studies, statistics that you post to back up your claim, I actually enjoy it.  I like to see if people can change my opinion, but to resort to finger pointing and ranting online isn’t getting anyone anywhere.

Every year, every election I wonder to myself, what happened to agree to disagree?  We all have the ability to form our own opinions, why is it so bad if someone’s opinions vary from yours?  Just because I am in favor of ObamaCare doesn’t mean that I dislike you because you’re not.  Just because you’re pro-life and cheering Illinois’s decision re: the morning after pill, doesn’t mean that I won’t pour you another cup of coffee.

The point of politics, elections, etc (okay, guys no conspiracy shit right now.) is to give us a chance to voice our opinions, to stand up for what we believe in, and most importantly, form our own thoughts and opinions on what we believe is right, wrong, moral or otherwise.  Not all of us are going to agree, hell, bring up the CPS strike and I’ll irritate the hell out of some liberals, but that’s the point.  We’re different. We’re going to have different views.  You believe and support yours, I’ll stand for mine.

I guess my long-winded point is : Agree to disagree.  Back up your facts and stop name calling.  You can call me a dirty liberal all you like, but it doesn’t make anyone look more intelligent.

Oh.  And Emily, if you’re reading this… you need to move here.  I need someone to debate with.