Life is like a bottle of whiskey


Crazy.  It’s been simply crazy.  To say I’m looking forward to things getting smoother is an under-statement.  At the same time, relaxing after work with a hot cup of coffee, looking forward to stuffed pork chops that the boyfriend is making for dinner… is well… happiness.  I guess all the chaos is eventually going to calm down, and I’ll be left with these moments.

So we’re mostly unpacked here at the house.  The house is in order minus a bag (the size of my goddamned self) of tupperware and some of the older short one’s toys.  I must say, it looks quite nice in here.  We ended up pitching a bunch of my stuff and moving some of his stuff into storage, needless to say we now have his nice couches and tables/bed/dresser in my house… and… wait for it… his (almost) brand new stove!  Ha.  As a thank you for him installing that, I made BBQ pork ribs once it was in.  Having the house pretty much set definitely calms down my nerves.

Other than that, just trying to get things in order.  Ry and I are both working on our past legal problems.  We both have DUI’s and both of them need to be finished up.  Thankfully I was smart enough to get almost everything taken care of for mine, the last bit of it is the Victim Impact Panel which I have scheduled for Wednesday this week.  Ryan is most of the way through his classes and is working on his community service (thank god I didn’t blow a high amount… I was rated a minimal risk, so only got 10 hrs of class, no community service, and a reduced fine).  I am turning in my payment to get my license back tomorrow and I’ll be rid of the baiid device next month. Beyond that, getting new tires for the hoopty I’m driving.  I’ve decided to keep stashing away money to get a nicer car than originally intended.  Might as well, I’m sure I can keep the Altima alive for a bit longer. :0) All I need right now is a tune up, and we already tuned up the bike for this summer so that is all taken care of.

The House?  Well, the house is coming together nicely, I feel all adult like haha.  We spent Sunday out in the yard.  Put the new lawn mower (thanks Dad!) together and away, planted my new rose bushes and bleeding heart plants right along side of my lilies and hastas.  Once we put together our new lawn furniture and hung the baskets of flowers up I nearly fell over at how nice the yard is looking.  Not a whole lot is on the to-do list for the house at the moment.  There is still 2 bedrooms to paint, but other than that and hanging up some candles it’s all set.  The next big project is building my deck, which will come later this spring.

Other than all of that nonsense, I’ve set a few new “goals” so to speak for myself.  The biggest one is to get back into reading, with as hectic these last few months have been I haven’t been reading much lately.  I have 4 books on my to-read list.  The second biggest one?  Working on my book.  I started writing a while ago, a friend of mine finally pushed me far enough that I’m going to give it a go.  I’m not releasing it until it’s done, and with the help of an editor friend of mine and self-publishing, I should be good to go when the time comes.  Writing is my world, and I’ve been told, especially for my short stories (which most of you haven’t had to bear) that I should just give it a go.  So I am.  :) Even if I decide in the future to keep my book to myself, I enjoy the writing itself.  So it’s a win- win.

Sorry for the bland post everyone!  It’s been so crazy I haven’t had time to be pissed off, much less rant about something (besides some of the republican candidates… but I’ll keep that to myself for now haha).  Hope everyone is well, and many a beer will be had for you all this weekend.  :)