Knit Hats and Warm Scarves


Growing up in the Midwest, I swore that I was going to move somewhere with out winter… every winter of my childhood. ¬†I’m not a fan of cold or of the snow, so playing outside and building snow forts and lopsided snowmen did not intrigue me in the least. ¬†Once Halloween rolled around, I started to count down the days until Spring and Summer.

I’m 28 years old now, will be 29 this spring. ¬†Over say the last 5-6 years, I’ve grown to appreciate the Winter. ¬†I still don’t look forward to driving in snow storms, or power outages and black ice, but snow? Yes. ¬†Wearing my favorite winter jackets, my handmade scarves and hats? ¬†Hell to the yes. ¬†I look forward to warm fires up at the lake house, watching my daughter (who unlike myself, likes to play in the snow) run around like a maniac in the fresh powder. ¬†I look forward to hot tea by the window watching snow fall, and maybe if I’m lucky, I’ll see a few cardinals out in the trees.

Winter’s not so bad. ¬†Even when I start to get tired of it, say in late February or early March, it’s a good reminder that spring is coming. ¬†Winter breaks up the monotony. ¬†I get a couple months to look forward to planting in our garden, summer cook outs and fresh corn on the cob. ¬†I get to alternate from iced coffee on my back deck to hot tea under a fuzzy blanket. ¬†I get to switch from my broken down flip flops to my knee high comfy boots.

So apparently there is some huge winter storm bearing down on us tonight. ¬†Depending on what weather report you read, we’re supposed to get anywhere from 5-10″ of snow, and we’re under a Winter Storm Warning until Sunday night. ¬†Judging by the response from my other Midwestern friends on social media, you’d think this was the end of the world and snow is actually made of shredded dreams and broken hopes. ¬†Shit. ¬†I may be the only one excited.

I’m not sure if I’ll be home for the snow storm or not, I’m currently in the hospital for my Crohns Disease, but I’m crossing my fingers! ¬†I am excited for the first big storm of the year, I want to watch my daughter play in the snow, and curl up in my own bed to watch the snow fall. ¬†Even if I’m wait out the storm here, connected to my IV, I can guarantee I’ll weasel some hot chocolate out of someone here so I can still sit by the window.

We might as well enjoy the snow, as of now [thanks global warming] it’s only here for a few months out of the year. ¬†So let’s watch the snow fall, and relax. ¬†Spring is only a couple months away.


The Universe is trying to make me clean.


So I was sitting outside on the deck this morning, watching my dogs chase anything that happened to move. ¬†It’s rather dreary outside today but thankfully the temperature is cool, so I can open up the house and get some fresh air inside the house. ¬†I sat there with my coffee and realized how nice outside it is supposed to be today, and how my hike in the state park was definitely meant for tomorrow.

I went inside for another cup of coffee, trying to be quiet as the rest of the house was still asleep.  Almost instantly I tripped over an overflowing laundry hamper and the kitten playing inside of it and cursed myself for not finishing the laundry yesterday.  I started pouring coffee and realized there were dishes that needed to be done after breakfast and listened to the weather lady predict rain on and off for the day.

By the time I had walked back outside with my coffee I had begun making a list of the chores that need to be completed today… just in time to get hit with a raindrop.

Alright nature! ¬†I got it. ¬†Today is for cleaning, tomorrow is for playing. ¬†Ugh. ¬†During the weekends, I tend to do the basic chores and enjoy the outside. ¬†I do most of the big stuff after work lately so it makes it easy. ¬†This past week at work has been pretty hellish (I’m training a new girl), and by the end of the day I’m both physically and mentally exhausted. ¬†The last thing I feel like doing is sorting laundry (which by the way, folding small kids clothes could be right up there with waterboarding – we should try it on terrorists). ¬†So all week I gave myself the excuse of “I’ll just fold that laundry later” and “Legos make a wonderful decoration on the floor and a great surprise at 2am”.

So while I was planning on blowing off the chores at least until later, Mother Nature made it that much easier to do them today. ¬†I’m okay with that… I’d rather enjoy all of tomorrow’s beautiful weather instead of being interrupted by a small child’s mess and a trip to the grocery.

*sigh* ¬†This growing up shit isn’t as awesome as I thought it would be.